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A leading advertising network, EVADAV specializes in delivering engaging and high-quality ads across multiple formats. It spans over 250 countries, reaching a vast audience of more than 3 billion daily impressions. They work with premium traffic and have their own antifraud system.

The minimum deposit is $100, and you can use the most convenient payment methods from 42 of the most popular, including Wire, Genome, Paysera, Paypal, Paxum, Bitcoin, and USDT.



EVADAV offers fully customized in-house-built technology and round-the-clock partner care with professional account managers. Additionally, the platform has a vast selection of payment methods to meet any individual preferences. It sells ad traffic on a CPM and CPC basis. In EVADAV, you can use 4 ad formats: push notifications, popunders, native ads, and in-page messages.



Push notifications are clickable messages sent to the desktop or mobile devices of users who have opt-in to receive browser notifications. This is the best format for those looking to monetize traffic and/or aggressively promote ads.


The full-page format is triggered by the first click on the site. Ads can appear behind the webpage and stay in the background until the window is closed. This does not interfere with content.


The look and feel of this format provide great UX and high CTRs.


Native recommendation widgets are sponsored stories delivered in the form of fully customizable images and short texts. Its non-intrusive and fully Google-compliant services help maximize revenues and your business's long-term development goals. It also generates large volumes without disturbing users, making it a smart way to monetize traffic.

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