Speakol - Native Advertising Network

Speakol is the N°1 content discovery and native advertising platform in the MENA region. Its technology allows advertisers to target potential customers and promote their brands and enables publishers to boost users’ engagement and monetize their online presence.

Speakol empowers brands and publishers to enhance their online presence through innovative and data-driven solutions.

  • 170+ Million Unique Monthly Users
  • 13+ Million Clicks
  • +3 Billion Monthly Impressions
  • +8 Billion Monthly Page Views
  • +6K Monthly Active Ads
  • +500 Publishers in the MENA Region


What does Speakol offer?

Delivering brands to interested users.

  • Seamlessly Blend In, Effortlessly Stand Out. Get your content and ads recommended on thousands of top websites and apps, reaching a wide audience that will boost your brand presence.
  • Redefining the way you connect. Experience higher engagement across various ad formats, supporting all your goals, whether it's driving sales, generating leads, creating awareness, or increasing website traffic.
  • Insights for Success. Empower your marketing strategy with powerful data-driven insights and targeting options. Reach out to your best new customers and gain a comprehensive understanding of what's working best, along with actionable data to enhance your campaign performance.
  • Seamless Integration. Effortlessly integrate with your existing digital ecosystem.
  • Community Support. Have guidance and consultation every step of the way. With their large team of experienced Senior Account Managers, you’ll get your very own campaign manager and guardian. They will help in all stages from your campaign creation to optimization and reporting insights. And for no additional cost whatsoever. Just set your campaign goals and budget and get started, it’s that easy!


Speakol offers a range of native advertising solutions, catering to every objective from brand awareness to lead generation. At you can choose from multiple types of campaigns based on your marketing goals.

Traffic Campaigns

Navigate the Digital Highway: Let Speakol Drive Your Traffic Campaigns!

Brand Awareness Campaigns: Make Your Brand Memorable

Conversion Campaigns: Turn Browsing into Buying

Lead Form Campaigns: No Landing Page - No Problem

Whatsapp - Phone Campaigns: Get Personal with Your Audience

Placements: Recommendation Ads and Video Ads


In flexibility comes excellence.

Speakol’s targeting options are totally customizable:

  • Website Selection
  • Location (GEO)
  • Device Type
  • Operating System
  • Frequency Capping
  • Categories
  • Ad set language

Learn more about our services at

Or create your free advertiser account using and checkout all the features for yourself.

Go Native. Go Speakol.



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