Zero and Low price offers

The first step in working with the Nutra vertical should start not only with the choice of source, but also with the offer on which this traffic will be launched. As you know, COD, SS, Trial are the main payment models in this niche.

  • COD - User pays for the product after delivery.
  • SS - User pays for the product immediately on the website with a bank card.
  • Trial - User pays for and subscribes to the product (initially a free trial is delivered, only the delivery is paid for) with further monthly debiting of the card balance and delivery of the product.

More details about these models and the principles of working with each have been described earlier in this article.

In addition to the main models in nutra, there are also the equally popular Zero Price and Low Price models. The principle of working with both models is quite similar. Let's look at each in more detail.

Zero price offers

Zero price offers (free offers) -  the lander contains information about the opportunity to buy a product for free. Invented by

The way it works is that the user sees the opportunity to buy a product for free on the lander and submits his application. He is then contacted by the call centre and that is where the main work is done. We recommend that before you start working with this type of offer, it is better to check with your manager about the advertiser's call centre's ability to work with this type of offer and to develop scripts. 

While talking to the customer, the call centre agent informs them that they can get free goods by buying one or more products (depending on the advertiser's conditions) at full price, i.e. a direct sale, which determines the final outcome of the transaction and the status of the lead. 

The percentage of approved leads may decrease because not every user will want to make a purchase, but the number of leads increases several times. Consequently, the webmaster benefits from the volume of leads.

At first glance, the landing page looks similar to COD offers, but there are some differences here as well: the opportunity to get a free product sample is usually time-limited. This is a clear call to action, with a clickable button for a quick application. 

It is also possible to post links that offer more information about the free product.

Examples of zero price offers in

Examples of landers:

Low price offers

Low price offers - offers with a reduced product price indicated on the landing page.

How it works: the price of the product (in the form of a discount) is displayed on the landing page significantly below its market price, which encourages the user to submit an enquiry. The call centre then runs a similar script - the product at this price can be purchased on special terms (purchase of one or more products at full price). In this model, most of the upselling work is also done by the call centre.

Landings that are used in the work:

Examples of Low price Offers in


Examples of landers:

These models are gaining more and more popularity, because despite a possible decrease in the approval rate, the number of leads received increases significantly. As mentioned earlier, each advertiser has a dedicated call centre that is trained to handle these enquiries and provide a quality upsell.



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