Trial, SS or COD: which is better to drive traffic in 2022? 

 Nutra (Health and Beauty) is one of the most stable and developing verticals in the Affiliate Marketing market, which is relevant due to its direction: to make people healthy and beautiful. Everyone wants to be beautiful and healthy, regardless of age, religion, geolocation and solvency, which automatically brings the nutra vertical to the TOP in the field of online shopping and subscriptions.
   This vertical includes a large number of diverse niches that have their own direction of action, characteristics and response from different audiences (adult products, anti-aging cosmetics, joints, hypertension, weight loss, hair, diabetes, etc.). Therefore, webmasters have their own approaches when running ads, which are based on various tests and thorough analytics. Nutra products do not have restrictions on advertising, since from a documentary point of view, these are products from the category of dietary supplements, and such products are not medicines.

Why you need to work with nutra affiliate marketing

  • The vertical is relevant in any season, thanks to the variety of niches and the stable renewal of the product range;
  • It is possible to choose a GEO for the available budget (we advise you to read our detailed manual: How to choose a GEO and an offer when working with nutra traffic? A detailed analysis of the countries TIER - 1,2,3), there are regions with low budget costs that are most suitable for beginners;
  • There is a wide range of offers and niches to work with (more about niches in nutra);
  • It is possible to choose a GEO based on the existing competition in the market among webmasters;
  • The ability to work with trending offers that bring good profit in certain periods of time;
  • A fairly wide target audience, targeting can be set for any age or gender (with properly selected creatives);
  • High payouts for certain regions (for example, in GEO Tier-1 for SS and Trial payment models payouts can start from $40);
  • Variety of traffic sources and ad formats for ads.

What can be difficult when working with the nutra vertical

  • Difficulty converting leads.
  • High competition in Tier-1 countries, therefore it is better for a beginner to start with Tier-2,3.
  • High requirements for the quality of the traffic provided (especially for working with Trial offers), which also affects the bid and caps.
  • The end result may not always depend on the webmaster (this includes the quality work of call centers and the availability of products in the required quantity from the advertiser).

However, all of the above points are compensated by the experience of the webmaster and his well-structured communication with a personal manager who always knows all the risks and conditions for this offer, GEO and advertiser.

Billing models in nutra

Nutra also has its own billing payment models. They directly influence the choice of funnel and region for work and the final earnings of the webmaster - COD, SS, TRIAL. Surely, each of you has already met such an abbreviation in the Affiliate Program when choosing an offer.
Generally speaking, these models differ according to the following criteria:

  • COD - The user pays for the goods upon delivery.
  • SS - The user pays for the goods immediately on the landing page with a bank card.
  • Trial - The user pays and subscribes to the product (initially, he receives a free sample of the product, only delivery is paid) with further monthly debiting of money from the card balance and delivery of the product.

In this article, we will consider in more detail each payment model and all the subtleties of working with them.

Trial - purchase of a product by subscription

Funnel for working with Trial offers: encourage a potential buyer to subscribe to a product and enter their payment details.
The user who is interested in the ad (creative) goes to the pre-lander, which contains all the necessary information about the product. Having become interested in the product, he follows the link from the pre-lander and gets directly to the landing page. The funnel closes when the customer enters their bank card details on the advertiser's website, receiving a free sample of the product or at a very good discount and paying only for shipping. Thus, the user makes a monthly subscription to the selected product.


Rebill - a re-order of the product by the buyer, is carried out automatically every month - the full amount for the product that is sent to the buyer is debited from the buyer’s card.”


   Therefore, the conversion in working with trials consists in entering bank card details on the site and subscribing, so for this payment model there is no such thing as an “Approval Rate”, here it is 100% and immediately. The advertiser very carefully monitors the quality of traffic, which is determined by the percentage of rebills. The advertiser checks the authenticity of the entered bank card and their belonging to the real user who subscribed.

   If after a few weeks (on average, the first rebill occurs after 14 days), the volume is on average more than 60%, then such traffic is considered good and the webmaster can be provided with good conditions for increasing traffic volumes and available caps. In the absence of the required percentage of rebills, the advertiser incurs a significant expense on idle goods and the necessary payments to the webmaster, which may lead to a stop in traffic and termination of cooperation. This payment model is common in Tier-1 countries, as there are no restrictions on online purchases and payment by debit and credit cards. The target audience in these countries is familiar with such a scheme for purchasing goods on the site and can afford such monthly expenses if necessary (the main thing is to interest the user, since the market is oversaturated with various offers, hence the high competition among webmasters).

Examples of Trial offers in

21807 - Vita Sential ACV Gummies - Trial - [US] -$40 (Weight loss)
20838- Male Power+ - Trial - [GB]- $24 (Enhancement)

Examples of pre-landers

What is Upsale Trial and how does it work?

   In addition to the motivation for getting the product for free, Trial offers have the mechanics of upselling products, which are often presented in the form of a big discount when buying several packages of goods at once or completing an order with useful additional products on the landing page after the user has entered his payment data (in pop-up format pages). For example, it may be suggested to add vitamins or dietary supplements of a relevant action to tea for weight loss. For a successful upsell, the webmaster needs to lead the user to the need to purchase another product, arousing his interest. This may include mentioning it on the landing page, building a logical chain of the usefulness of these products in the aggregate, etc.

   The payout for an upsell is usually equal to the cost of a payout for one lead, and the percentage of upsells in nutra can be 50-70% of the total number of leads, so a webmaster can significantly increase his income with this sales mechanic, but of course, if he can correctly position the user for such monthly purchases.

From all of the above, we can conclude that the mechanics of working with Trial offers in the process is voluminous, requires serious preparation and a lot of analytical work, as well as testing methods and creativity in choosing approaches, which is due to the specifics of the payment model. But if you know clearly how the sales funnel spins, then you can get a fairly high profit when working with them.

SS (Straight Sale)

SS (Straight Sale) - purchase of goods on the landing page when paying with a card. The funnel of working with SS offers involves encouraging the user to make a purchase on the site by immediately paying for it with a bank card. In this model, the user can also be offered profitable shopping options: the more units of the product the basket contains, the lower the cost per unit of the product will be.

How is the sale going?

   The user, having become interested in the creative, goes to the pre-lander, where he can get acquainted with all the information about the product. If he likes the offer (the problem and the proposed solution respond), then by the link from the pre-landing page, he gets directly to the advertiser's landing page. The classic offer landing page when working with SS offers provides a choice of three product positions that either complement each other or differ only in size. On pre-landing and landing pages, it is very important to warm up your buyer well in order to encourage him to buy several products at once and increase the quality of traffic. After selecting the necessary items, the user on the landing pays for the goods with a card, in this case, the conversion is carried out immediately.

   Therefore, when working with SS offers, there is no rebill system (as in Trial offers) and the webmaster does not depend on the work of the call center, approval percentage, caps (which is typical when working with COD offers). With a good connection and traffic, a webmaster can confidently increase traffic volumes. Payment to the webmaster is carried out for each such purchase, i.е. for each conversion received. At first glance, it may seem that it might be more difficult to get a conversion this way, but the amount of payouts for this model is an order of magnitude higher: from $65 - $140 in

SS are in high demand in Tier - 1 countries (mainly the USA), since the standard of living and purchasing power of users in these regions is quite high, residents are familiar with this scheme of buying goods online and they can easily afford to make quick and expressive purchases.

What is the payout to the webmaster?

The advertiser checks the quality of the provided traffic by the average cost of maintaining the user's shopping cart. Therefore, the greater the number of related products in the cart, the higher the quality of the traffic is assessed. An advertiser can start from this factor when it comes to bumps and increasing traffic volumes. Typically, traffic is estimated after an average of 10 conversions. It should be noted here that the information contained on the pre-landing and landing must fully meet the expectations and needs of the buyer in order to exclude the possibility of returning the goods (chargeback).

Examples of SS pre-landers

For Trial and SS offers, when creating a link, the approach is similar to COD offers. Depending on the GEO, the webmaster can decide on the approach based on which he will work on the link and conduct further tests.

Let's look at the most basic approaches in nutra for SS and Trial:

  • For creativity: a title screaming about the problem and a ready-made solution (an image of a product pack is also allowed).
  • A classic and in most cases working approach to show the result with “before” and “after”.

  • Stories of ordinary users who broadcast about their problem and its solution using this tool.

  • Images of popular doctors that give a lot of numbers, facts and talk about medical research.
  • Media personalities for each GEO person (movie stars, athletes, bloggers) who talk about the benefits of this product.
  • Adding polls, promotions, counters, roulettes, drawings, etc. to the landing page.

  • Feedback from real buyers (a big bonus will be a live photo of the product pack).


Why is it profitable to work with SS and Trial payment models?

  • Sales and approval do not depend on the work of the call center.
  • The conversion is carried out at the time the user makes a purchase on the site.
  • There are no restrictions for increasing traffic with good traffic quality and a working link.
  • Working with Tier-1 regions, which indicates the high solvency of the audience and its tendency to make stable and easy online purchases.
  • The approach when creating bundles can coincide with COD offers, which is a big plus for the webmaster. It is necessary to study
  • the target audience of the GEO chosen in Tier-1 and adapt the existing bundles to new payment models and approaches.

COD (Cash on Delivery) 

COD (Cash on Delivery) - payment on delivery. Perhaps COD is the most common payment model that is present in every Tier, but it is more profitable in Tier-2,3 regions (since in these regions the population uses bank cards less for payments).
The funnel of this model is as follows: a user interested in a bright creative goes to the pre-landing page or directly to the landing page of the offer, where you can get more information about the product. If he is interested in the product, he leaves an application (number and name) for the purchase and waits for a call to confirm and complete the purchase and delivery from the call center (which is mainly located on the side of the advertiser and can also carry out up selling already when communicating with the client). The purchase is paid directly upon receipt of the goods.

   Unlike previous models, there are AR and CR for COD offers. Those. the final conversion and the coveted lead is considered approved only after the user pays for the goods. For beginners, some affiliates may take hold time to check the quality of the traffic, after which it will be possible to withdraw the payout. If there is good traffic, the advertiser can increase the payout rate and give additional caps for the webmaster.

   When paying for goods on delivery, the buyer is not at risk, therefore, with a competent approach, converting a user is quite simple. However, there are risks for the webmaster: the buyer may not be satisfied with the quality of the product, the delivery time, or he may even refuse his purchase at any stage of the funnel, which may reduce income. In most cases, these risks can be mitigated by working with a reliable Affiliate Program, constant communication with a personal support manager and making a quality link.
When creating a link to work with these offers, you can take already established and classic approaches in nutra (also use the search for creatives and links in various spay services), adapting them to the specifics of the GEO and the needs of your target audience.

Examples of COD offers in

20203 - Moring Slim Free - COD - [PL]- Private
20622 - CardioBalance - COD - [CL] - $22
20192 - Meso Sculptus - COD - [IN] - Private

Examples of COD pre-landers

Examples of COD landings


So, we have considered the main payment models, their similarities and completely different features. For beginners, we advise you to start working with COD offers, as they work well in Tier-2, 3 countries, gradually increasing their skills and moving to Tier-1 for SS and Trial offers.
For any payment model, tests are important, a detailed study of your target audience, creatives, on which the final result depends, and the right Affiliate Program, which will always help you achieve the desired result for any payment models you choose!
With care for your profit,!




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