Which cards to use for payment in Affiliate Marketing?

Now you can issue an unlimited number of cards for any advertising needs with a few clicks, as well as cards for paying for domains, hosting providers, and AI services.

Multicards.io is a multicurrency service, with balances available in both dollars and euros. Accounts are replenished separately and also you can exchange funds in Converter section.


  • Over 20 BINs in USD and EUR currencies.
  • Favorable rates from 2% per transaction.
  • Advanced team interface. You can add your team members' accounts using the team leader's or owner’s account, set limits for team members, collect statistics on buyers, and transfer funds.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Convenient statistics. The service tracks fund movements across all transactions and between accounts, as well as the overall statistics (total spend, pending payments, number of issued cards, transaction amounts, daily refunds).
  • Multicards also provides Facebook, Google, KWAI and Tiktok agency accounts with affordable rates (0-10% fee depending on account type).
  • Referral program available by request — invite your friends and partners and get a bonus.

The interface of the Multicards personal account is simple and convenient. On the left, there is a menu with tabs: "Profile", "Cards", "Reports", "My Balance", "Team", "Statistics", "Support", “Partners” and "FAQ". To create a virtual card in one of the currencies, you need to replenish the balance first. There are several replenishment methods available:

  • Direct payout from your dr.cash balance — 1% fee;
  • USDT cryptocurrency — 3% replenishment fee;
  • Wire transfer — 3% fee;
  • Capitalist payment system — 5% fee.

Issuing a virtual card is chargeable, costing $2 or €2, depending on the balance currency. After issuing the card, it must be topped up with a minimum of €10 or $10. Euro cards have 3D Secure technology, dollar cards do not. You can use DRCASH promo code and get your first 10 cards for free.

In the "Cards" section you can choose for issuing cards with manual top-up which use its own balance and Limit cards which are linked to main account balance. By clicking the “Issue card” button you’ll see a full list of available cards with all the necessary information: GEO, currency, BIN, billing address, payment recommendations. 

After you choose BIN for your needs you can see more detailed information about bank fees and input required amount of cards you need to create.

Section "Reports", a list of all transactions and cash flows for a specific period is available. The system provides:

  • Transaction reports (you can view your transactions and transactions of all employees);
  • Funds movement reports. This section reflects all operations of the internal account.

Go to the "Team" section to see statistics about the team. Here you can also:

  • Replenish media buyers' balances;
  • Track team expenses and balances;
  • Set a limit on issuing cards for an employee;
  • Set an auto replenishment for your team’s balances.

For more detailed statistics, look in a separate tab - "Statistics". View information about cards and employees. If you need a specific group, use the filters. “Partners” section provides actual information about affiliate programs with direct payouts to Multicards balance and discounts for different tools you can be needed in like proxy or cloaking services.

For any questions about the service operation, you can contact support team via Telegram bot, your account manager or look for answers in the "FAQ” section.

Issue as many virtual cards as needed for your purposes. And the Multicards.io service will become your faithful assistant and always offer best BINs and favorable rates.

Join Multicards.io!


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