How to structure working with nutra landing pages for Facebook

About the speaker 

  • Daniil Vygolov;
  • 15 years of experience in development;
  • 3 years of experience of doing nutra affiliate marketing in Facebook;
  • One of the creators of Crazy Profits Agency team;
  • Blogger, better known as Yellow Web.

Not mentioned in the report 

  • How to choose a hosting;
  • How to work with CDN;
  • How to optimize pictures and videos;
  • How to optimize HTML/CSS/JS;
  • Extra scripts (roulettes, pop-ups, backfix, demonetization and etc.);
  • Copywriting.

Mentioned in the report

  • Problems you face working with landing pages and how to solve them;  
  • Proper file storage structure;  
  • Getting rid of routine;
  • Ready-made solutions and links to software;
  • How to replace products and celebrities on landing pages quickly;  
  • How to store everything in a tracker (use Keitaro as an example);
  • Some live Facebook bots.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is any website with an order form. Daniil’s team works mainly with prelanding pages that have order forms. The methods he talks about will be also suitable for the “pre-landing page - landing page” scheme.  

Any landing page can be divided into 3 parts:

  • Design + content + order form;
  • Lead transfer script (order.php);
  • “Thank you” page.

The main problems you face working with landing pages 

  • Human factor: unprofessional approach of a tech expert or a buyer towards checking new landing pages;  
  • Absence of test leads for landing page testing;  
  • You have not only to send a test lead, but also to wait until it’s marked as “declined” by an affiliate network;  
  • Routine. Creation of new landing pages requires repeating the same actions: setting up a pixel for a “thank you” page, editing lead transfer form and etc.; 
  • Speed. Creating a landing page from scratch requires a lot of time because of layout and translation.  

Problems with “Thank you” page

  • Sometimes, this page isn’t translated into the language of a certain GEO;
  • You need to add Facebook pixel;
  • Bots.

Above, you can see the a screenshot showing the bots on the “Thank you” page. If this page is located in the same folder as the black page, your account’s lifetime will be much shorter.  

Dealing with a “Thank you” page

A universal “Thank you” page is the solution to all problems. It’s publicly available, everyone can follow this link to download it.


  • Stored in a separate folder. Bots can explore it as long as they want without doing any harm to an affiliate;  
  • Templates. Any formatting is available;
  • Automated translation carried out with the help of Deepl/Libretranslate: more than 30 languages are available. You only have to write a text in a certain language, it will be translated into other ones automatically;
  • A changed pixel has already been added;
  • Cashing.


You can also add  upsells, collection of email addresses, translation with the help of Google Translate and etc.

How to work with a lead transfer script «order.php»

  • Make a list of the affiliate networks you work with. As a rule, there’re no more than 10 platforms at the same time;  
  • Create a file with general code for every one of them, for example, m1shop.php;
  • Add all files from the point 2 to a special folder, for example: orders;
  • Edit the file with the general code and add the required changes: saving leads in a tracker, checking for doubles, redirection to a universal “Thank you” page;  
  • Create a php file with the same as the tracker’s name for each tracker, for example, bioslin.php. Add everything you need to change. As a rule, you need to change offer ID and flow ID. Add offer files to GEO subfolders;   
  • In offer files, specify unclude of the general file used for sending leads from an affiliate network.  

Final structure of folders for order.php script 

What are the results of doing everything listed above?

  • We got rid of any difficulties associated with the “Thank you” page. Facebook pixel will always report leads correctly; 
  • When you create new landing pages for some product, you won’t have to edit and copy lead transfer file, you already have one. It’s enough to add the fields you need to a landing page. A very simple script can deal with it;
  • When you add a new product, you don’t have to add lead transfer script. It’s enough to create a file with offer ID and a couple of other invariables (depending on an affiliate network);
  • All order doubles will be sorted out correctly, all data on leads will be saved in a tracker;  
  • Amount of routine and chances to make a mistake are reduced manyfold.  

Things you do with good landing pages most often 

  • Translating them into other languages;
  • Changing or splitting an affiliate network;
  • Replacing a product;
  • Replacing a character;
  • New story (in case the design is good).

During the report, the first 4 points were explained.   


Use software! Follow this link to find some.  

The program detects text in HTML/PHP code and saves it as a separate csv-file. Now, you only need a translation (you can upload it to Google Spreadsheets).

Use software to replace the text on a landing page with the translated version.  

General idea for replacements 

Use parameters to replace everything you have to replace!

Affiliate network splitting: create a condition in a subsidiary lead transfer script (for example, titangel.php):

If you can see pp = “everad” parameter, 

          Send a lead to Everad

Otherwise, send a lead to Leadreaktor

On a landing page, you need to add this parameter to a form, for example:  

<input type=”hidden” name=”pp” value=”<?=$pp?>”/>

Get pp, parameter, from, for example, the address line:


How to add these landing pages to a tracker with no problems?

Will a buyer have to add a link to campaigns to parameters? It’s inconvenient, also, chances to make a mistake are higher. 

No. Here’s a universal method: add a landing page to pre-loading.  

Pre-loading is a process when Keitaro gets content from the specified address and shows it in your ad campaign.  

(_current_domain) parameter allows to show an initial domain in the address line, the domain of the website opened before the “Thank you” page was opened.  

Replacing  a product

  • Don’t forget about the form factor! Don’t replace gel with pills or drops with powder;  
  • Create a special folder for pictures, for example, «products»;
  • Picture name should be the same as the product name. For example, eremax.png;
  • Pay attention to the size of the pictures;
  • Landing page and product name should be replaced with a parameter, for example, you can use «product» parameter;
  • Edit picture file path with the required parameter - png. Example: <?=$_GET[`product`]?>.png;
  • Thanks to the previous step, our lead transfer script has been renamed based on the product’s name;   
  • Price and currency. Specify them in the link parameters or create a json file, for example, eremax.jsov, where you keep these two parameters for a country. For determination of a country, you can add the following Keitaro macro to pre-loading: country={country_code}

All in all, to replace a product, you need

  • Add a picture of a jar and a file with currencies/prices to the general folder; 
  • Create a subsidiary lead transfer script if you work with the same affiliate program or the main/subsidiary pair for a new affiliate network;  
  • Create a new landing page in Keitaro, where you can add the parameters with product name and country with the help of CURL upload. 


Replacing a character 

  • Create a «persons» subfolder in the landing page’s folder. It will contain special folders for every character;   
  • Add all pictures you need to the folders, name them in some order, for example: 1.jpg, 2,jpg and so on;
  • Create text.txt file in the character’s folder where you should add all the information you need to change line by line;  
  • In a landing page, replace paths to pictures, replace parts of text with parameters.  



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