Launching an advertising campaign with PUSH traffic

Just recently we told you about the top 3 push networks for working with nutra traffic. In this article, we will consider in detail all the stages of launching an advertising campaign in practice from TacoLoco, its optimization and analysis (on the example of the Kama-Sutra Gold offer - Enlargement on India).

Also talked about this topic in detail in our video.

With a spy-service, you can determine fairly quickly what has a high CR in that region at the moment. We talked about how to search for creatives in spy services in this video. Let's analyze the search process in the free SpyHouse from PushHouse.

  • Let’s select the target GEO
  • Then, sort by creation and publication dates
  • Analyze the provided material and identify several GEOs and offers for tests

The goal of the creative is to make people click and follow the link and it’s important to remember that you should never deceive the user to increase clickability. Notes and images shouldn’t contradict landing and pre lander, as well as what they say later in the call center. Otherwise, your budget will be wasted for disappointed clicks and deceived users, all this is called misleading. It is important to realize that in push notifications our creative is in fact the most basic and in most ad networks it is the only way to target the audience. Therefore, our main task is to create ads that will attract potential buyers.

After we've seen what other web ads look like, we need to test their approaches. You can learn everything about uniqueizing found creatives and building new ones in our separate detailed video, there is also a whole list of neural networks that can already be used to create photo and video creatives.

In our example, we are going to test 3 approaches of 3 creatives, specifically focusing on:

  • Enlargement
  • Potency
  • Prostatitis (the medical approach)

In the case of push ads, they consist of a small icon, a larger image, and a headline and message. When making creatives, you should take into account that the images and text should be as clear as possible and arouse the interest of the target audience. It is also necessary to avoid a large number of details, they simply won’t be read. As for the text, it should intrigue and entice. Again, examples can be found in spy services and you need to work on them a little. Also, if we‘ve several landers and pre landers at our disposal, we take a couple or three and test them. It is important that the funnel looks organic, i.e. if the medical approach is on the creative, it should also be on the lander.

Practical part of launching an advertising campaign

Initially, a CPL offer was chosen and I created 3 campaigns for each approach in my personal cabinet.



Next step, we set up Tracker, in this case we used AdsBridge as it offers free 14 days and is also easy to use. First we set up the Affiliate program by selecting in patterns. This is where we copy a Postback URL link. We need to paste it into the Global Postback settings in the admin.

After that, we created a traffic source, again by finding Tacoloco in patterns. Note, in the postback URL field, we need to paste our USER ID, which is in the Tacoloco profile settings. 

Then we added the offer links themselves to the tracker. In the tracker, we created 9 campaigns (3 pieces for each approach). We specify a name and traffic source that is clear to us, and then choose an offer and save it. Further, we prepared 9 creatives, 3 for each approach, based on what we saw in spy- services.

Creating campaigns in Tacoloco

The interface is simple:

  • First, we specify the name of the campaign so that we don't have to think long about what kind of campaign it is.
  • Leave the format as PUSH notification.
  • We choose a type of traffic as Dating. This is a special TYPE for ADULT offers, they can only be here. Be careful, otherwise ads won’t be passed.
  • In the next field, we specify the link from our tracker.
  • Below we customize capping, Impressions is the number of showings for one user per hour, Clicks is the number of clicks for a user per hour.

Tacoloco gave us advice that when you run a large number of campaigns, you should set different capping for all of them, so that they can all get an equal amount of traffic. Otherwise, some ads will go forward, and some will stay without views.

  • Next we design our creative, insert prepared texts and upload images.
  • We specify the name of the button on the creative, add an emoji and choose the icon display (these elements really increase ctr).

  • Then select vertical, country and cost per click. In this field we choose a bid, as impressions are distributed by auction and the higher the bid, the more traffic we can get. But you don’t need to choose the maximum, as the ad can’t become better, but the budget will quickly lower without proper results.

It is recommended to choose an average or slightly higher bid. During the campaign, the recommended price per click will change depending on the clickability of the ad. Next, we select the language, in our case Hindi.

Just below there is a switch that allows you to spin our ad also as InPage Push, so, to get additional traffic. For higher accuracy of analytics, it is better to turn off InPush and run a separate campaign for it.

  • Then we set the daily budget, in Tacoloco 20$ is minimum budget for the campaign.
  • Next, we move on to scheduling of impressions. To do this, we select the desired time zone and GEO on which we choose the time. In our case, we focused on the time of the call center with additional hours in the morning and evening.

  • Below you see the buttons that allow you to save a draft campaign or create it. Be aware, At the very bottom there is a checkbox "Launch campaign after moderation" by default.

Thus, we launched 9 campaigns, but after 5 days the offer was stopped. During this time, we managed to notice that 2 ads are well-converted and they managed to bring me 18 leads, of which 12 were approved.

In this situation, we chose a different offer and redesigned the converting creatives to fit it. In the case of the new offer, it also came with a whole bunch of pre landers and landers.

We chose 1 pre lander and 2 landers for tests under each creative. In this case, it was possible to create one torrent in personal cabinet and choose 2 landers at once, traffic between them would be automatically distributed equally and all statistics could be safely monitored in personal cabinet. But in order to monitor statistics, in the tracker we created 4 different torrents, then set up 4 campaigns in the tracker and launched them in Tacoloco. 

This time we didn't limit the campaigns by display time, but at night we reduced the rate and changed it during the day to ensure that all campaigns received the same number of impressions. For the test we allocated 2 lead costs per campaign, that's $12. Ideally, you should count on 2-3 costs to draw any conclusions.

Compared to the CPL offer, CPA is noticeably harder. As you can see a lot of leads go to thrash and rejection, but there is also an approval.

In our case land a-9 in funnel with the approach aimed at increasing, there we used porn approach which gave us 3 leads. That is, they brought 18$ with 12$ spent on the test.  The rest of the campaigns are still on the test, so let's talk about optimization.In our case, we‘ve a positive ROI of 50%.

Now let's calculate how much one click costs us, to do this we divide $18 by 3256 clicks on our ad and get 0.005 in the table we‘ve a cost per click equal to 0.004 - as an optimization we can lower our bid, shed traffic at 0.003 and see what happens. We don't have a lot of approved leads, but they all came from Android, we can also try targeting it, and also turn off InPage.

Note that there are reports on sources and zones, but they are available only for InPage Push campaigns and Direct Click.

We went step-by-step through the process of launching an advertising campaign with PUSH, the possibilities of its optimization and analyzed the result. This source of traffic may seem harder for someone, but with the right approaches and organized processes, everything is possible. And of course do not forget about tests, they can give a much broader picture of the opportunities for increasing traffic.



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