+$660 with 143.55% ROI on Prostatitis in Morocco

The seventh case in our Mini Case Contest from the MENNEN SPEED STICK team with a result of +$660 with a ROI of 143.55% on prostatitis. They told in detail how to drive traffic to adult niches on Muslim GEOs using the example of Morocco.

  • Period: 08.08-05.09.2022
  • Earned: $1,119
  • Spent: $459,458
  • Profit: ~$660
  • ROI: 143.55%
  • Source: Traffic Factory + ExoClick
  • Affiliate Program: dr.cash
  • Offer: ErostimProst - COD - [MA] - $12
    ErostimProst Private - COD - [MA]
  • Geo: Morocco


The whole process of work was carried out without the use of any auxiliary tools.
The landing page - 12586 a-3 from the Affiliate Program was taken as a basis and customized. We did not use the pre-landing page.


We did not make any significant adjustments to the text on the landing page. Basically, the changes were in the external component of the landing, for example, the backgrounds on the landing were replaced.


In our work, we did not use Spay-tool and tracker. Therefore, creatives were created based on the figures obtained from sources and personal experience. The advertising format 300x100 proved to be the most profitable in this GEO.


You can request the original creatives from this case from your personal manager.

When working with ExoClick, the best results were shown by the advertising format 350 x 200 in static.


Tests showed that GIF - creatives with text reduce conversions, so we didn't use them anymore. The working approach was the image of the product on the creative. If we talk about statics, then the text did not particularly affect the conversion.

The text under the creative itself in the source did not stand out with anything special. Standard texts were depicted: Proven Erection Tool, 100% Potency Improver, etc.


Screenshot from dr.cash:

Screenshot from Traffic Factory:

Screenshot from ExoClick:

The screenshot from Affiliate Program shows that 46.21% of leads go to waste. The people of Morocco, if they are not called back within 5 minutes, they start spamming with duplicates, and in general they like to “talk” through the lead form (leave a message in the name line without entering a phone number). Therefore, when filling in both Morocco and Arab countries, prepare scripts to limit re-impressions to non-unique users.


As mentioned above, we did not use auxiliary tools during the work. There was no spay tool and all creatives were created based on the numbers in the sources.

Everything that was needed for work was taken in Affiliate Program: pre-landing pages, landing pages, links. Their layout designers work fast enough. The statistics from ExoClick case study show that most of the traffic is in French. Therefore, we sent our landing page for translation, but this did not lead to any significant changes in the conversion. In Arabic and French, the conversion is the same, but for some reason, the approval in French is less than in Arabic.


Moreover, narrowing the target and increasing the CPM rate on the data received after a week of work did not give a positive result, but rather worsened it. Therefore, it was decided to drive traffic to a wide audience.

Review of dr.cash

I would like to say about the efficiency of the manager Tikhon. I didn't have to wait long for an answer, as well as for completing the tasks of the Terms of Reference. There was no hold in working with Affiliate, the entire balance for leads on the offer was immediately transferred to the balance available for withdrawal, which you will not see in every offer.




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