Where does the traffic go? Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a region in South-Eastern Europe, which is now actively developing in many areas. The country is known for all its beaches, as a place for active tourism and recreation, cultural, history and relatively inexpensive prices. The country is not one of the well-known countries in Europe economically, but at the same time it has the potential to work with traffic, as the population is still discovering online shopping. In this connection, there is relatively little competition among webmasters on the market at an inexpensive cost of traffic.


  • Bulgaria is usually divided into three parts: Moesia, Macedonia and Thrace.

  • The largest city is Sofia, it is also the second oldest city in Europe.

  • The most popular non-alcoholic drinks are milk and coffee, the alcoholic one is rakia.

  • The country is a leader in the production of rose oil, which is used in perfumery and cosmetology.

  • The country has a fairly fast Internet for its cost compared to other European countries.

GEO criteria:


Popular payment models: CPA

Billing models: COD

Religion: โ‰ˆ85% Christianity, โ‰ˆ13% Muslim, โ‰ˆ2% other religions

Local time: UTC +2

Local currency: Bulgarian Lev (ISO 4217 - BGN)

Average cost per lead: $12-$29



Population: โ‰ˆ 7 KK people

Male population: โ‰ˆ 3,296,190 (48.3%)

Female population: โ‰ˆ3,526,846 (51.7%)

Average age of the population: 43 years

Average life expectancy: 75 years

Literacy rate: 98.4%


Internet use:

Internet use: 80% of the total population

Social networks use: more than 60%

Device type: โ‰ˆ55% mobile, 44% desktop, โ‰ˆ1% other devices.

Internet speed: mobile Internet 84.59 Mbps, average Internet connection speed 54.73 Mbps.

What they do on the Internet: visiting social networks, correspondence in instant messengers (including using e-mail), online shopping, watching news, banking services. More than 55% of people make online purchases, using mobile devices more often.


Solvency of the population:

Average salary level: from $530

Average salary in cities: Sofia: โ‰ˆ $600, Stara Zagora: โ‰ˆ $520, Plovdiv: โ‰ˆ $490.

Economic areas of activity: agricultural industry, tourism, information and communication technologies, pharmaceuticals.

Number of unemployed population: 5.6%


Cities and logistics:

Largely populated cities: Sofia (โ‰ˆ1,221,785), Plovdiv (โ‰ˆ342,048), Varna (โ‰ˆ332,394).

Call centers work: Mon-Sun: 9:00-21:00 (local time)


Actual problems of the region:

  • high levels of air pollution (the dirtiest air in the entire European Union)
  • street pollution (there are also unauthorized dumps)
  • medical care is provided under a paid insurance policy, which is paid monthly
  • no central heating (high utility bills)
  • low level of urbanization in some cities
  • low wages compared to other European regions
  • low standard of living of the population in some regions
  • a large percentage of the population who smoke


Popular sub-verticals:

  • Diabetes

  • Parasites

  • Prostatitis

  • Adult Products

  • Weight loss

  • Joints

  • Hypertension



  • cheerful, open and very sociable
  • frugal and economical
  • patriotic, love their country and its history
  • take care of children throughout their lives
  • honor the older generation (they hang โ€œSorrowful Sheetsโ€ on the streets
  • pay special attention to life as neighbors and friends, the opinion of neighbors and acquaintances matters to them
  • not punctual, suspicious, somewhat superstitious
  • favorite sport is football
  • due to paid medical services, some prefer to be treated themselves


National holidays:

  • 01.01.2023 - New Year

  • 03.03.2023 - Liberation Day

  • 04.14.23 - 04.17.23 - Easter holidays

  • 05.01.2023 - Labor Day

  • 05.06.2023 - 05.08. 2023 - St. George's Day

  • 05.24.2023 - Culture and Literacy Day

  • 09.06.2023 - Unification Day

  • 09.22.2023 - Independence Day

  • 12.24.2023 - 12.27.2023 - Christmas

Traffic sources:

Popular social networks: Facebook (โ‰ˆ 3.6KK), YouTube (โ‰ˆ 4.34KK), Instagram (โ‰ˆ1.7KK), TikTok, Linkedin (โ‰ˆ9K), Twitter (โ‰ˆ268K), Reddit, Blogspot.com

News sites: abv.bg, 24chasa.bg, fakti.bg, blitx.bg

Marketplaces: emag.bg, aliexpress.com, amazon.com, kaufland.bg

Messengers: FB Messenger (โ‰ˆ 2.95KK), Whatsapp Messenger


What sources are

best to use for work:

Facebook, Native Ads, Adult sources



  • using the European approach
  • limited time discounts and promotions
  • targeting can be mainly adjusted to the female audience
  • highlight the working properties of the product in a short time and at its low cost
  • using of local celebrities or doctors is prohibited
  • natural composition of the product (image of herbs, tinctures, vegetables, fruits)
  • recommendations + live product photo


Official language: Bulgarian, it is better to do all creatives in it.


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