In the modern world, there are increasingly more tasks that require working with a large number of accounts. These include affiliate marketing and media buying, cryptocurrency operations (such as airdrops), sports betting, and much more. Therefore, the choice of a program for multi-accounting without the risk of detection by anti-fraud systems is crucial. The software must not only be convenient and functional but also maximally reliable. And today we will get acquainted with such a program. 

Dolphin Anty is an anti-detection browser specifically designed for traffic arbitrage on Google, Facebook*, and TikTok - sources of high-quality traffic particularly strict towards multi-accounts, which will ban you for any violations, even without them. Created in 2021 by Denis Zhitnyakov, who became known in affiliate marketing community thanks to previously created advertising automation services. At the moment, this browser is used by over 800,000 clients. In 2023, Dolphin Anty was chosen by the Conversion Club as the best anti detection browser for affiliate marketing.


Dolphin browser allows working with hundreds of profiles using a single device. Each profile receives its own browser fingerprint with unique parameters. This makes it possible to create the appearance of a maximally real user, avoiding additional checks, logouts, and bans on accounts. This browser has a large number of built-in tools: from proxy and extension managers to automation scripts and teamwork commands.


Dolphin Anty has an absolutly FREE plan, unlimited in time, with a full set of substitutions allowing the creation and saving of up to 10 profiles. To get access, fill out a simple registration form and download the installation file depending on your operating system.

Dolphin Anty Plans and Pricing

The "Free" plan allows you to create up to 10 profiles and, if necessary, purchase an additional 50 at a rate of one dollar per profile. It is suitable for beginners who are currently working with a small number of accounts, as well as those who want to test the program's capabilities and convenience.


The first paid plan, "Base," costs $89 per month and is suitable for those who are currently working alone or with a small company but are expanding their operations. It allows you to create up to a hundred profiles and add any number of members.


The "Team" plan is designed for medium-sized teams and allows you to manage three hundred profiles. The cost for this is $159 per month.


The top-tier plan, "Enterprise," is for major players in the market. Monthly access costs $299. For this amount, it is possible to create and manage 1,000 unique profiles. 

How to Create a Profile in Dolphin Anty

  1. Click the "Create Profile" button.

  2. In the pop-up window, enter the profile name, select the operating system, and choose the platform you plan to work with (if the desired site is not in the list, select none).

    In the Dolphin{anty} anti-detection browser, only fingerprints of real users are used. If, for any reason, you need to manually adjust certain parameters of the digital fingerprint, go to the "Additional" tab.

  3. Configure the proxy and upload cookies.

  4. Click "+CREATE"  button.
    After that, the profile will appear in the general list of profiles and will be ready to use.

Dolphin Anty Referral Program

Dolphin Anty offers the opportunity to earn by referring users. According to the terms of the referral program, a 15% commission is earned from both the first payment of the invited client and from all subsequent top-ups without time limitations. Anyone can become a partner. For bloggers with a large audience, there is an opportunity to issue a special promo code that provides a significant discount on the first payment. Payments of earned funds are made upon contacting customer support. Direct withdrawal from the Personal Account will be available soon.


Dolphin Anty is a great tool for affiliates, digital marketers, crypto and forex traders, farmers and all online moneymakers who looking for privacy online. With Dolphin you can anonymously launch campaigns, farm accounts and perform other tasks. In addition to the numerous possibilities, users note the impeccable work and responsiveness of the support managers. If you haven't worked with Dolphin Anty yet, we recommend giving it a try by using our promo code:


gives a 20% discount on the first payment (enter when registering in the promo code section)