How to set up postback in affiliate network and in a tracker

Every webmaster needs more detailed traffic data, based on which he can conduct a more thorough analysis. To do this, he may also need a postback, which is a mechanism for transmitting information about any target actions from one platform to another. There can be several chains of such interaction:

  • Affiliate network server – tracker
  • Affiliate network server – tracker – ad network server
  • Affiliate network server – ad network server

With its help, you can collect all information about ad campaigns in one place. After that, you can use it to create detailed reports and optimize the campaigns better.

Also, it’s postback what allows to set up automated rules in trackers. For example, if some conditions aren’t met or stop being met during a campaign, a tracker will stop it. When you use trackers for split testing, you analyze the results using the data collected thanks to postback. We discussed trackers in this video.

Postback categories

Also, there are 2 types of postback:

  • global
  • local

Global postback is set up once for all flows. But you have to set up local postback for a certain flow. If both of them are used at the same time, the local one will have priority.

Setting up a postback on the example of Keitaro TDS

Now, it’s time for practice. In the video about trackers, we learned to set up a Binom tracker. This time, let’s set up Keitaro TDS.

To begin with, go to "Affiliate Networks" tab. 


Enter the name of your affiliate program, select it, give it a name again. Now, you can see the postback url. Copy it and press CREATE.

Then, go to affiliate’s personal account, go to Settings, select Global postback tab, insert it into this field. Tick all boxes to specify what data will be transferred with the help of postback. Press SAVE. Well done.

Now, go to the FLOWS.

Tab and copy a link to the OFFER. Also, you can go to the Global Postback settings page from this tab. Then, go back to Keitaro, open Offers tab, press the CREATE button.

Enter any offer name you want. Select our affiliate program as Affiliate Network. In the URL field, insert a link to the offer of your affiliate network. Press CREATE.

Now, you can go to "Campaigns" tab and create a new campaign.

On the left, on the top specify the name. Then, start creating a FLOW.


Give it a name. Then, go to SCHEMA tab, select your offer and press APPLY

After that, press CREATE button on the right, on the top. Great, now you can copy a link and start working!


Keitaro TDS is quite easy to set up and use, has a clear intuitive interface, and at the same time performs quite a lot of functionality and is one of the most necessary tools for a webmaster to work with! We have also prepared for you a video “How to set up a postback in an affiliate program and a tracker using Keitaro and as an example”, in which we showed you the process of setting up a postback step by step.

With care for your profit,!



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