+$77 with 74% ROI on enlargement to the Philippines

The ninth case on enlargement in the Philippines with a result of +$77 with 74% ROI.

  • Period: 2022-05-19 – 2022-05-27
  • Earned: $180
  • Spent: $103
  • Profit: $77
  • ROI: 74%
  • Source: Exoclick
  • Affiliate Program: Dr.Cash
  • Offer: Vigorense - COD - [PH] 
  • Geo: Philippines

Mini ExoClick case stady from a beginner to enlargement subvertical.

The search for an offer is usually carried out by the volume of traffic on the Exoclick and the top CPM price on the GEO. On the first tests, I set the average CPM rate so that it gives out at least some traffic for the test, after that I increase the rate to the TOP price. I had been driving traffic for 9 days, because the offer stopped and I didn’t have time to test the funnel normally.

Funnel and creative

When I start working with a new GEO, I look for banners on free banner search sites in order to understand what the target audience might like. After that, I already edit the selected banners or make them from scratch.

The higher the CTR and the lower the cost per lead, the better.

An example of a banner with the best per lead cost:

An example of a banner with the worst lead cost:

I took a standard landing page in dr.cash and remade it for myself.

When working with adult traffic sources, moderation is quite easy and fast. Since this is a teaser network, there are not so many settings for the target, mainly settings only according to the technical data of the device from which a person consumes content. Black\white pages on sites of the same "free content". A detailed manual for creating blacklists can be easily found in the media, so I will not describe it within the framework of this case. 


Exoclick also has a bidder (automatic bid optimization: intelligently adjusts bids for ad zones based on how many conversions they get and blocks those that don't convert). Also, the option automatically blocks inefficient browsers, countries, devices, languages, mobile operators, operating systems, sites and zones in accordance with the rules you set. If you have a good budget for the test, then I am sure it will 100% cope with its task.

Review of dr.cash 

Never had any problems with dr.cash. When working, it is also important to have prompt communication between the manager and the advertiser in order to get a stable approval and result.




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