Where does the traffic go? Guatemala

Guatemala is a country of eternal spring, with a centuries-old history that goes back to the times of the Mayan peoples. In addition to incredible landscapes and impenetrable jungles, the region also has many volcanoes, several of which are active. GEO is also interesting for a large amount of low-cost traffic, budget tests, and the relevance of nutra products.

  • The largest country in Central America by population.

  • There are 33 volcanoes in the region. A country with a high level of seismic activity.

  • The region is one of the largest suppliers of coffee to the world market and the main supplier of coffee for the Starbucks company. Also, it was there that instant coffee appeared.

  • About 50% of the local population is engaged in agricultural activities.

  • 87% of the country's territory is covered with forests.

  • The capital of the country, the city of Guatemala, is one of the most populated cities (more than 2.5 KK people) and major cities in Central America.

General criteria:

The largest country in Central America by population.

Lots of cheap traffic.

Low level of competition.

Low budget to get started.


GEO Criteria:

Tier 3

Popular payment models: CPA

Billing models: COD

Religion: Christianity โ‰ˆ 95%, Catholics โ‰ˆ 60%, Protestants โ‰ˆ 40%

Local time: UTC -6

Local currency: Guatemalan quetzal

Average cost per lead: $6-$11.5



Population: more than 18,801 KK people

Male population: โ‰ˆ 9,164 KK (48.7%)

Female population: โ‰ˆ 9.637KK (51.3%)

Average age of the population: 21.3

Life expectancy: 70.9 (69.0 men, 72.8 women)

Literacy of the population: 79.3%



Internet uses: more than 12KK people

Social media uses: 9.55KK people

Device type: mobile โ‰ˆ 62%, desktop โ‰ˆ 37%, other devices โ‰ˆ1%

How they use the Internet: active users of social networks, online shopping and research of current news.

Solvency of the population:

Average salary: from $585

Economic areas of activity: agriculture, tourism, agrarian, fishing and mining industries, export of goods

Number of unemployed population: 2%


Cities and logistic:

Largely populated cities: Guatemala City (capital), Huehuetenango, San Marcos, Alta Verapaz, Quiche. Approximately 52.7% of the Guatemalan population lives in urban centers while 47.3% lives in the countryside.

Call centers work: 8:00 - 17:00 (local time).


Actual problems of the region:

  • poverty and unemployment of the local population in some areas
  • quite high crime rate in some regions
  • racism
  • difficult domestic political environment
  • low level of medical care
  • low level of medical equipment
  • natural disasters
  • low infrastructure in some regions (no running water, no electricity, no internet, no sewerage)
  • poor sanitation, especially in villages


Actual niches:

  • fungus
  • parasites
  • joints
  • vessels
  • hypertension
  • adult



  • turn to folk healers
  • use traditional medicine
  • believe in spirits, perform various ceremonies and rituals, acquire totemic items and amulets
  • honor family values and customs
  • patriarchy (all decisions are made by a man)
  • cult of food
  • gold crowns on the teeth are a sign of good status and income



National holidays:ย 

  • 01.01 - New Year
  • 06.04 - 10.04 - Easter holidays
  • 01.05 - Labor Day
  • 30.06 - Day of the Armed Forces
  • 15.08 - Assumption Day
  • 15.09 - Independence Day
  • 12.10 - Dia de la Raza
  • 20.10 - Revolution of 1944
  • 01.11 - All Saints Day
  • 24.12-26.12 - Christmas Holidays
  • 31.12 - New Year's Eve

Popular sites:

Popular social networks: Facebook (over 8.5KK), YouTube (over 7.6KK), Pinterest, Instagram (over 2.9KK), Twitter (662K).

News sites: Prensa Libre, Soy502, Publinews.

Messengers: Facebook Messenger (over 5.8KK).

Traffic sources in dr.cash:

Facebook, Google, Native Ads



  • celebrity use
  • personal stories of people to recovery
  • product reviews with real product photos
  • Use of the word "Chapin" in creatives
  • broadcasting help to loved ones
  • using discounts, roulettes, advantageous offers
  • images of coffee, coffee beans


Official language: Spanish, there are more than 20 local dialects.

Offers in dr.cash:



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