Proxies are used by ordinary users and professionals in various fields: arbitrators, SEO specialists, marketers. A proxy is an intermediate server between the user and the site that hides the IP address. This tool is most often used for anonymity on the Internet and multi-accounting.

The service provides anonymous, reliable and high-speed proxy servers for rent. With them you can safely engage in multi-accounting, change your geolocation and anonymously visit any sites. offers 88 countries to choose from and all types of proxies: mobile, residential, server.

Advantages of is a reliable service that has been operating since 2016. The company's priority is customers, so the service provides comfortable conditions for users. Advantages of

  • all proxy servers with a high level of anonymity and speed;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • flexible tariffs, affordable prices - monthly rental costs start from $0.13;
  • large selection of geolocations - 88 countries;
  • automatic issuance of addresses immediately after payment;
  • intuitive interface, simple ordering;
  • the ability to return proxies within 24 hours if they do not work;
  • You can pay for the proxy by card and cryptocurrency. rents only private, secure proxies that reliably hide the IP address and are ideal for multi-accounting, anonymization on the Internet and protection against cyber threats. And for clients there is a 5% discount on proxy rental in using the promotional code drcash_mien.