Best GEO to drive traffic on: Egypt or Morocco?

   Two countries with a long history, breathtaking views, popular resorts and interesting tourist destinations. These regions are of great interest to webmasters, every year increasing their popularity for working with traffic. Countries are actively developing, modernizing and this directly affects the purchasing power of the population, whose Internet activity is increasing every day. The market is not oversaturated with nutra products, and with competent approaches, taking into account the local mentality and needs, you can get a good result.


   What is the profit in these GEOs? What niches are better to drive traffic to? Are there alternative offers in these regions to transfer traffic?
And how to create converting creatives we will consider in today's analysis.





Webmaster skill

and competition:

GEO Tier 2

Suitable for both beginners and experienced webmasters. It does not require large budgets to start. A promising region for working with traffic with low competition and average payouts per lead.

Popular payment models: CPA


GEO Tier 2

A lot of inexpensive traffic, budget tests and little competition. GEO has great potential for working with nutra affiliate traffic.

Popular payment models: CPA


More than 107 million people (one of the most populated countries in the Arab world).

Average age of the population: from 23-25 years

Average life expectancy: 72.7 years

Literacy of the population: more than 75.2%


More than 35 million people.

Average age of the population: from 26-29 years

Average life expectancy: 72-79 years

Literacy of the population: more than 74%

Internet use:

The Internet is used by: more than 73 million people (about 70% of the population, mainly ADSL and mobile Internet). Mobile Internet speed is average, depending on the geographical location (about 50 Mbps).

Mostly users spend time in social networks (here FB is the absolute leader), online shopping.


The Internet is used by: more than 27 million people (about 74% of the population). Mostly users spend time in social networks (from 15-45 years old), make purchases online, pay for services.

Operation of call centers and delivery services:

Large cities by population and urbanization: Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, El-Mahalla-el-Kubra.

43% are urban dwellers.

Local time: UTC+2

It is also better to clarify the work of the call center with your manager in advance and drive traffic during its opening hours.


Large cities by population and urbanization: Rabat, Fes, Marrakech, Casablanca.

Local time: UTC+1

There are no problems with delivery and logistics, it is better to check the opening hours of call centers with the manager.

Average cost per lead:

from $9-$12


from $4.50- $13


Mentality and national values:

  • kindness and friendliness
  • reduced sense of responsibility
  • Egyptians don't like to work hard
  • religiosity: 85-90% (Sunni Islam)
  • excessive adherence to traditions and national culture
  • like to put things off until later
  • hospitable and responsive
  • low divorce statistics
  • very fond of children
  • “family houses” are popular (living with parents to take care of the older generation)
  • pronounced patriarchy, all decisions are made by a man
  • predominantly male earns
  • it is not customary to talk about feelings and experiences, to demonstrate happiness in public
  • like to haggle
  • due to the hot climate, they prefer to relax during the daytime (consider when choosing the time to launch ads)
  • love fried food and eat a lot of spices
  • eat with hands
  • polygamous marriages allowed


  • one of the most democratic Arab states
  • women are given more civil liberties
  • targeting can be set to a female audience
  • non-punctual
  • optional
  • like to haggle
  • polygamous marriages allowed
  • divorces are allowed
  • believe in higher powers (genies) and their influence on the course of events
  • there is an opportunity for a woman to make purchases on her own, without the approval of her husband


Actual problems of the region:

  • very hot climate
  • low level of quality of budgetary medical care
  • sandstorms, drought
  • rather low level of sanitation, dirty cities and streets for certain areas
  • unfavorable environmental conditions leading to various diseases (water is not suitable for drinking)
  • insufficient fresh water
  • low wages for a larger population
  • low level of education (few educational institutions)
  • rather low level of sanitation, dirty cities and streets
  • unfavorable ecological situation
  • common respiratory diseases
  • underdeveloped infrastructure


Solvency of the population:

  • National currency - Egyptian pound
  • Average salary level: from $215–$325 per month. Ranked 48th in the list of largest e-marketplaces, users easily shop online when needed (a region with great potential for online shopping growth).
  • The most demanded and paid areas: tourism, oil and natural gas production, food, textile, cement industries, agriculture.
  • Number of unemployed population: 7.2%
  • National currency - Moroccan dirham
  • Average salary level: from $425 per month
    Purchasing power at a good level, willing to shop online.
  • The most demanded and paid areas: tourism, winemaking, agriculture, mining and agricultural industry.
  • Number of unemployed population: 12.3%

The level of medical education:

There is free medicine in the country (underdeveloped) for the local population under insurance policies, but its level and quality of service is not up to the mark in all regions (especially in small cities). This fact directly affects the percentage of use of free medicine by the population, it is significantly low.

To receive quality care, residents of the country turn to private clinics, if there is a financial opportunity, use traditional medicine and self-medication.


Pharmacies with a good assortment and prices in sufficient quantities (pharmacy owners are prohibited from inflating prices by law).


The level of medical care is at a good level in major cities of the country. For quality care, most often they turn to private clinics (the cost for residents is average in relation to the average monthly income).

Developed folk medicine. Herbal preparations can be found in local pharmacies.

Popular sites:

Google, Facebook, YouTube,, Twitter, Instagram, Xvideos,

Online shopping:,, Amazon Egypt, Jumia

News sites:,,

Messengers: WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Outlook


YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, kooora, Twitter, Linkedin, Netflix, Tinder, badoo

Online shopping: Amazon., Aliexpress,

News sites:,,

Messengers: WhatsApp, FB Messenger.

Traffic sources:

Facebook, Teasers, Native Ads, Google Ads



Facebook, Native Ads, Google Ads 



  • use of local doctors
  • surprised faces of girls
  • concise ads with facts and figures
  • demonstration of the effect of using the product
  • take into account the values ​​of the people, avoid words that can offend religion or culture
  • images of people of Indo‑Pakistani ethnicity
  • do not apply the image of dogs
  • exclude words that refer to religion
  • use more male creatives
  • adjust the advertising campaign taking into account the male target audience
  • working products with a natural composition of local fruits and vegetables (guava, ashta, kukvat, bananas, cucumbers, etc.)
  • exclude nudity
  • you can use the European approach
  • clarity and accuracy in describing the
  • benefits and effects of the product
  • use of promotions and discounts
    facts and figures, a classic demonstration of the result “before” and “after”
  • doctors opinion
  • mention of scientific research
  • images of people of Indo‑Pakistani ethnicity
  • product images + result
  • exclude nudity


Actual niches:

  • adult products
  • prostatitis
  • joints
  • anti aging cosmetics
  • hypertension
  • weight loss
  • joints
  • weight loss
  • eyes
  • diabetes
  • prostatitis
  • hypertension
  • adult products
  • anti-aging cosmetics
  • parasites


The official language is Arabic (gives a larger envelope among the local population). You can also use English on your creatives, after passing tests.

The official language is Arabic - most of the population speaks it, you can use the Moroccan dialect. We also allow English and French for big cities.


Alternative offers in

21394 - Iavomasaga Gel - COD - [EG] - $9.5 (Joints)

21314 - Hammer of Thor - COD - [EG] - $11.0 (Enhancement)

20924 - Chondrolax - COD - [MA] - $11.0 (Joints)

20615 - Erostim Private - COD - [MA] (Private)





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