is a cloud-based cloaking with a built-in tracker, bot filter and safe page generators

Forget about bans and fake traffic without losses! Adspect blocks unwanted visitors in any kind of traffic. Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Bing, Yandex, mobile apps, hundreds of affiliate networks of any caliber — Adspect blocks everything with minimal effort! In addition to its own base, 12 competitors are already connected via API, including JCI, Magic, Traffic Armor.

How does Adspect work?

  •  Adspect verifies and categorizes the conversions to your landing page or affiliate offer: targeted traffic is allowed to the content, dangerous traffic is blocked.
  • Machine fingerprinting is used to identify unwanted traffic, it collects thousands of information about visitors and filters them.
  • The filtering system is based on a VLA™ machine learning model that gets smarter with every click it processes. is your opportunity to advertise anything on any ads network. Test and see the effectiveness for yourself!

Briefly about settings

  1. You choose an ads network, and the system automatically sets up everything you need to running ads.
  2. The default settings are suitable for most usage cases. Usually you only need to specify content and a safe page, and the Adspect system will do the rest.
  3.  The service has a built-in safe page generators, where you can select a theme, language and keywords, and then get a random unique page that will successfully pass moderation.

    You can read the full documentation of Adspect service here.

    🛡️Adspect provides reliable protection against a wide range of unwanted traffic, such as: clickbait (clickfrod), moderators of ads networks, web scrapers, robots of anti-virus companies, etc.

Cloaking Integration

Adspect supports three types of integration, which differ in technical details and application area:

1. Forward PHP integration via a standalone index.php file;

2. Reverse PHP integration via including a filter.php file;

3. JavaScript integration via <script> HTML tag embedding using a remote ajax.php file.

Each type of integration has a detailed instruction, so there will be no problems in setup.


Adspect has two variants of subscription: Antifraud and Cloaking. Antifraud costs $300. It is designed for 20 threads. Statistics are saved for 3 months, but this subscription does not include cloaking.
Cloaking costs $500. No limit of streams and transitions. Statistics retention for 6 months. This subscription includes VLA machine learning, as well as HyperLogLog filters and REST API. Safe Page Generators

Safe page generators are integrated into Adspect's profile, allowing you to quickly and easily create safe pages for your affiliate campaigns. The generators themselves are as automated and easy to use as possible:

  • WordPress Generator. Includes dozens of different templates for any verticals and has two types of final wight generation: classic HTML or PHP+SQLite.
  • Google Play & App Store Generators. Generate safe pages based on content from Google Play and App Store apps that are known to be pre-approved - there are over 21,000,000 of them on the sites.
  • TrustPage Generator. Unique templates with ready-made themes or your keywords generate page content - the database of content and visual modules is updated every week.

Key Benefits

  • Ability to run any advertisements in any network;
  • Long-living, uninterrupted affiliate campaigns;
  • Less money wasted on non-converting sources;
  • Built-in safe page generators and website scraper;
  • Built-in tracker with flexible funnel builder;
  • Automatic A/B testing of offers and landing pages;
  • Automatic timer-based rotation of money pages;
  • Full CDN support, including Cloudflare as proxy;
  • REST API for traffic streams management.



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