Matcha Slim - COD (weight-loss)

People all over the world are interested in the issue of quick weight loss without much physical effort, so this is one of the most common sub-verticals for work. Popular everywhere and at any time of the year. Products in this category can be targeted at both women and men (it is better to choose the age of the audience based on the selected GEO). However, for some regions, the topic of losing weight is most relevant, since there are more people who are overweight. Therefore, the proposal can sell itself easily with the right approach: if you point to its effectiveness, natural composition and the ability to quickly and safely relieve a person of excess weight.


Offer: Matcha Slim - COD

Subvertical: Diet weight- loss


Rate: from $11 to $19, approval rate from 25% to 33%

You can get an individual bump for this offer upon request from the manager. 

The most profitable GEOs for work: 19730 - Matcha Slim - COD - [FR] - $19

Best traffic sources: Facebook (Meta), Native Ads Network, Google Ads.

High conversion landings: lander - 1


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