How to adapt landing when switching to another GEO

Working with traffic is known to everyone for its dynamism. Only those who quickly respond to changes and upgrades in working with sources can achieve good results. When working with a certain GEO, various cases can also occur (offers stop, national holidays, unforeseen events, etc.) and switching to another region in time helps to level out the possible loss of budget and time.

In our “GEO Battle” section, we compare several regions and provide the most complete information base that will help the webmaster switch traffic without time and financial delays.


Indeed, most of the final result depends on how well the analysis of the target audience, mentality, problems and values of the region will be carried out. A webmaster can request a working landing page in the Affiliate Program with which he cooperates, but as you know, it may not bring him the desired result due to high competition.


But what if he already has a working landing page and he can make good money on it in his region, but, for example, approval, solvency of the population, etc. do not satisfy the expected result? One of the best options is to move to another region with a corresponding offer in the niche. In order not to spend a lot of time looking for a new landing page, the existing one can be adapted to the selected GEO.

Let's take a closer look at how to do this.

Adaptation of the working landing

GEO and offer selection

If you decide to try a new GEO, then it is better not to switch immediately, for example, from Tier-3 to Tier-1, since GEOs in these categories have significant differences in competition among webmasters, their professional level, budget, preparation of advertising campaigns, etc. It is better to move gradually, improving your skills. To switch to another region, it is better to write to your support manager so that he will offer the best option, taking into account your capabilities, and also pick up a good offer in the niche you need.

The next step is to study your target audience and think over an advertising campaign, creating creatives taking into account the selected geo, because what converts well in India, in Europe, in most cases, can lead to failure.

Text translation

One of the important criteria is the adaptation of the text from one language to another. Since many regions have national languages ​​and dialects, English is not suitable everywhere. For a more correct linguistic translation, we advise you to contact professional translators (it will be a great success to find a translator who is familiar with the field).
Of the most optimal, we can single out the service - a freelance platform for rewriters, copywriters and translators (39 languages ​​are available for translation), who mainly fulfill orders for webmasters and content sites. - here you can order translation of texts into most popular languages. is a large international site for freelance translators.

How to competently compose a Technical task for translation

  • Determine the GEO, collect accurate information on it, clarify the language of the region (if you choose a target for certain cities, then the local dialect may prevail there, this is important to consider).
  • Select the required text in a table (Excel or Google Docs), with two columns, where the first column is the original text, and the second is the language of the required translation.
  • Each cell of the table should have a separate phrase for more convenient further work.
  • Check if there is text on images inside the page. If yes, highlight separately and add comments.
  • Find a platform with translators (three optimal ones have been identified above), place an order for translation, specifying the terms and the required dialect (if necessary).
  • In the order, indicate the requirements for the translation: adapt the names, cities, measurements, institutions, currencies, etc. for the required GEO. Also ask in the finished translation to keep the formatting of the text as in the original (text colors, italics / bold).
  • If it is a translation from another language into English, then the text will most likely be translated through intermediate English. In this case, ask the translation exchange for the English version of the translation. For further adaptations will help reduce the cost.

Landing preparation

To make the most of your time, you can focus on the rest of the content on the page while translating.

  • If the page uses a local template (the page is a fake of a local news page, a local online newspaper, a TV site, etc.), then it is worth finding an alternative site for the GEO we need and using materials from it for further layout.
  • Check all photos and find replacement images if needed (we recommend testing, replacing images for each page, so that there is a better chance of finding a working landing page). These can be photos of local celebrities, local residents, images of local institutions, medicines, etc.
  • Find a local alternative, including avatars in the comments (for each GEO, it is better to use images of people of the same race or nationality).

Page layout

When the translation is ready, you can start layout. You can do it yourself if you have the appropriate skills, or you can turn to freelance html layout designers (there are many platforms to choose from UpWork,Weblancer, JobDone).

If you decide to do it yourself, but do not have knowledge of the code and designer skills, then you can resort to using the constructor (according to the templates available in the program that already have their own conversion statistics + the page will be adaptive and there is the possibility of synchronization with analytical and advertising systems). It is worth remembering that for a good designer you will also have to pay the necessary fee, which depends on the number of available templates, integration and analytics capabilities).

On the market there is a large selection of designers for various needs: Tilda, Tobiz, Flexbe, uKit etc.).


If you use contractors to complete the order, prepare a detailed specification for the contractor. In the Terms of Reference, indicate all the necessary items, where it will be indicated: about replacing the text, according to the table; replacing each image; replacement of the site template prepared in advance; any other changes you need. Remember that with any adaptation, it is important to preserve the structure of any page for an advertising campaign: an attention-grabbing headline, content that matches the offer and problem, a call to action and a solution + an action (order) button.

Also, if further you are going to use the page on your own domain, you need to take the order form code with your id, which will also need to be specified in the Terms of Reference for the layout designer.


These are the main important points for adapting a landing page when switching to another GEO. We all know that the media buying industry loves the brave and creative, so don’t be afraid to change the region to work with traffic, test different approaches, create something new, there is always a solution in the process, and with it a good result or valuable experience.

High ROI to you, your!




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