Domain parking in a few simple steps

In most cases, when an affiliate launches an ad campaign using an affiliate link, he or she loses time and money because the link to the landing page gets banned. It often happens because the links provided by affiliate networks have already been recognized and marked as “undesirable” by ad platforms. Consequently, the links, domains and ad accounts get banned, and your chances to run a successful ad campaign on a platform reduce to zero.

In some cases, if you use a banned domain, you begin to experience problems at the stage of launching an ad campaign in your ad account – you can’t attach a link.

To solve this issue and avoid getting banned in the future, affiliates park their domains in affiliate programs. Let’s find out what a domain is, what kinds of domains there’re and how you can park a domain in


What is a domain? What is the difference between a domain and a hosting?


Domain is the name of your website or resource, it has its own IP address.

Every domain can contain from 2 to 63 symbols. It consists from the letters of Latin or Cyrillic alphabet ( and .рус zones), digits and hyphens. Choosing a domain name, take into account the domain zone (based on geographical aspect or type of business). The main part of domain consists of several levels (at least two), they are read right to left and they have a specific hierarchy. So, a domain is the name of a website. A hosting is services that ensure the website’s existence on a service and its availability online.

Every folder with files on the website fills a specific place on the server. Therefore, this process is complicated.

Why can your domain get banned?

  1. The ad campaign you run violates the rules of the ad platform.
  2. Low-quality offer or an aggressive landing page.

What are the advantages of using a domain?

If you launch an ad campaign, using your own domain reduces the risks of having your link and ad campaign banned. It allows you to increase the level of trust to your ad in the future. Also, one of the benefits of using a personal domain is that only you can use it, because the domain provided by an affiliate program can be used by someone else to launch prohibited ad campaigns that can increase the risks of getting banned. This leads to one more significant argument – safety. In an affiliate program, every affiliate can access domains. Everyone can track your creatives using spy services.

Services where you can buy domains:

After you bought a domain, park it in your affiliate network you’re going to work with. To park a domain in an affiliate network means to provide an affiliate program with the right to manage the domain remotely by editing DNS records. Consequently, once your domain is parked, you can work with it using your affiliate program’s interface.


How to park a domain in

  1. Sign into your personal account on website (sign up ahead of time).
  2. Select “ Domain Parking” in “ Instruments” tab.
  3. Select “Add domain” option (right upper corner).

    Enter the domain name.
  4. Now, it’s time to set up your domain – go to “Zone management” and add CNAME record.
  5. Wait for 15 minutes and check if it works. If you can select your domain when you create a new campaign and the website works, everything is fine!
  6. If you have problems at any of these stages, you can contact your manager and receive help quickly.

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