+$816 with 182% ROI on enlargement in Oman

As part of our Mini Case Contest, we have prepared for you one more case in the niche "enlargement" in Oman with a result +$816.49 with 182% ROI. 

  • Period: 07.06.2021 - 02.02.2022 and 13.05.2022 - 01.07.2022
  • Spent: $449.11
  • Earned: $1265.6
  • Profit: $816.49
  • ROI: 182%
  • AR: 19.8%
  • Source: Push.house
  • Affiliate Program: dr.cash
  • Advertising format: Push
  • Offer: Maral Gel - COD - [OM] - $8.00 (Enlargement)
  • Geo: Oman

dr.cash had a new offer Maral Gel - COD - [OM]. This is a new GEO for this type of offers and I decided to test it with the "Push.house" push network. I also worked with other networks, but the results were more modest and in the case I decided to focus on this push network. Due to the specifics of push traffic, the case covers both 2021 and 2022, which is quite a long period. Of course, many people say that push notifications are dead, but this is not entirely true. While I would like everyone to believe that push notifications are dead, there would be less competition and more traffic.

Screenshots of statistics

Screenshot of spending from "Push.house", $366.67 spent in the first period:

Screenshot of spending from push.house, total spent $82.44 for the second period:

Total costs from two periods turned out to be $449.11.

Screenshot of profit in dr.cash app:

Almost always, during the period of work, the percentage of approval for the offer was stable and kept at the right level for a very long time. When it began to fall, I stopped the company and launched it again after a while. Perhaps FB and other traffic sources will come in well, you can try. Oman is quite a promising GEO to work with. The rate at first was $7 per approve, then I got a bump to $8.5 per approve.


When working with push notifications, was used the following creative:

In the course of work, I did not experiment with creative and did not make several creatives, this creo works very well in Arabs, so I did not experiment and look for something new.

In "Push.house", all feeds with In-page pushes were disabled. There were a lot of clicks, but there were no requests from them, I don’t recommend pouring from these feeds at all. Although push feeds generally performed well in this funnel.

Feedback on the Affiliate Program

I want to say thank you to my manager Alice @AliceCash, who helped with all questions and always answers in a timely manner, even after her hours. I have been working with dr.cash for a long time, I have no questions about working with them. Probably the best Affiliate Network on nutra vertical, in my opinion. Same day payouts on demand, this is a strong advantage over other Affiliate Networks.

Thank you for reading my little case study.




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