New sixth case within our Mini-Case contest for Iraq with the result +$399 with 61.48% ROI.

  • Period: 17.06.2022 - 31.08.2022
  • Earned: $1048
  • Spent: $649
  • Profit: $399
  • ROI: 61.48%
  • Source: Traffic Factory (adult ad network)
  • Banner format: 300x100
  • Affiliate Program:
  • Offer: Prostonic Ultra - COD - [IQ] - $8.00 
  • Geo: Iraq

In June, the Affiliate Program together with the Musttrade team conducted an Online training course on driving traffic from adult natives to nutra adult offers. I don't have much experience in Nutra Affiliate Marketing. Before the course, I didn’t work with this traffic source, I didn’t work with nutra offers before, and I wasn’t registered in

Using the funnel search and optimization algorithm that I learned about during the course, I was able to successfully drive traffic to the Prostonic Ultra - COD - [IQ] offer..


This funnel has been working for 2.5 months, with traffic stops up to a week, because I didn't always have online access.

For testing, I used several creatives from the Spy - service and a couple of landing pages. The test showed that the following creatives + pre-landing + landing had the best results in terms of conversion and approval.


The traffic in the source was purchased by CPM, the bid was above average.


Advertising cabinet Traffic Factory:

Advertising cabinet


The launch was stable, without negative days. The percentage of approval I received is about the same that I expected to receive.

Review of

As it was already written earlier, I am a new webmaster in the Affiliate Program, but despite this, there was no hold on payments. Payments were made immediately on the day of the request. An indicative moment is the attitude in the Affiliate Program towards novice affiliates. Here I would like to note my personal manager Yulia - her attention, responsiveness, promptness of answers, help. For example, when I asked Julia to integrate roulette into one of the landing pages in the Affiliate Program, despite the fact that I don’t drive a large volume of traffic yet, I still don’t consistently make even 10 daily leads, my request was resolved as soon as possible.

Thank you for attention!