+3807$ with ROI 88% on weight loss in Philippines

As part of our Mini Case Contest, we have prepared for you another case in the niche of "weight loss" in the Philippines with a result of +3807$ with an ROI of 88.43%.

  • Period: 02.26.2022 - 07.12.2022
  • Earned: 8112.5$
  • Spent: $4305
  • Profit: 3807$
  • ROI: 88.43%
  • Source: Facebook
  • Affiliate Program: dr.cash
  • Offer: Fit&Sleep - COD - [PH]
  • Geo: Philippines


The most common cloaca + pre-land 22481 a-2 with a classic roulette (order form) was used. The white page was created in Canva, you can do the same in any other website builder. It looked like this:


I've inserted a stream link from the Affiliate Network into the design. The third-party services were not used in work. Yes, of course, with this approach, part of the traffic was lost, but this method worked and Facebook did not trigger, allowing moderation to go smoothly.


Each new account - the launch of an advertising campaign, was always accompanied by a new creative, an example of a template:

From time to time, Facebook cursed due to bypassing the system. After the analysis by the method of exclusion, it was revealed that it did not like the pack of pills on the creative. When I replaced it with new ones, everything went away)


  • Conversions of course.
  • Total campaign budget.
  • Age for a wide target audience (18-65 years old).
  • Disabled desktop traffic, left only mobile traffic.
  • Placements: Facebook feed, Instagram feed, Facebook stories and Instagram stories.
  • There was no text in the ad.

In this case, if I did three adsets, the traffic was just disgusting, so the 1-1-1 scheme was used.


There are statistics only from the office in the Affiliate Network. Cabinet statistics are unfortunately not available.

In general, for the period while the traffic was driving, there were both good days and bad ones. There were such periods that the day could be zero or minus, but the next day everything was restored, the main thing was not to stop traffic.

Review of dr.cash

For this offer, of course, thanks to my manager Nastya. As soon as the offer appeared, I immediately informed and I am very grateful, there were no problems with dr.cash Affiliate Network, payments are on time, they respond quickly and informatively.

Anyway, thanks for your attention!




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