$14,650 with ROI 230% in Poland

Hello everyone, Yevhenii is with you.

I have been working with dr.cash for over 2 years. Those who follow the case studies may remember me from sharing many cases last year.

Now I want to share my result, which I achieved while working with Moring Slim Free - [PL]. "Get for free" is known in the CIS, but I have not seen this in Europe. After the announcement on the channel, I realized - this is it (!) and in a few minutes, the manager was already opening access. 



I used the standard mother scheme (BM with many accounts to rule them all quickly) + mixed logs. Preparation and launch is automated by Dolphin.

I started right away, everything was ready (I tested offers and approaches for several weeks). Used standard captcha: 

High CR landing was shared by the dr.cash manager. 

I wrote 3 stupid texts of the type: "Nothing matters, the main thing is to start on time" and it all started)

During the day, I saw a bunch of leads up to $ 1.5 and started counting the income, but ...  

Initially, the transfer of statuses by advertising took up to 2 days. On the first day for 50 leads, I did not see a single status (no rejection, no trash, not even the coveted approval).

All the time we are in touch with the manager, everything is in a rush, only two days later we see the real picture) 

As you can see on the screenshot, a huge approval and the same percentage of trash. After 2 days, all the leads unreached ny the phone goes to trash, with no particular reason ("They say this is how we work ...")

I can mark several amazing days:

  • Spent: $203
  • Revenue: $1720
  • Profit: $1517
  • ROI: ~750%

dr.cash network stats

The most profitable days 

Feedback on dr.cash

Only positive emotions.
The manager's work is on top, additional calls, rate increases, instant payments.

I wish you all profit, do not stop, conquer new financial peaks and destroy barriers in our heads.

Thank you for your attention :) 


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