Payment solutions for Google and Facebook Ads for CIS citizens

By now, most affiliates have switched to Capitalist which is very good for working with FB. FB trusts this payment system because its cards are issued by an English bank. But these cards can’t be linked to self-registered TikTok accounts and can only be linked as the second ones to foreign Google accounts.

In this article, we’re going to tell you how to solve problems on all platforms. We’ll also talk about how to create a good setup and cut back on payment system spending, as well as about the solutions currently available for the affiliates and the systems where Russians can open accounts to store funds.


Sign up on your own or use sellers’ services

Unionpay cards that you can get in Russian banks now can’t be linked to FB and TikTok. MTS Bank is going to issue cards, too, and you can already order a Unionpay card, but no one knows so far if these cards will be useful for affiliates.

The situation is really complicated, and relying on the payment systems of Russian banks isn’t the best idea. That’s why we considered many services, tried to sign up and talked to managers.


Tested services

  1. LHV Pank is an Estonian bank. The citizens of Russian Federation can open accounts and got virtual cards only if they have a resident permit or any other Estonian document. E-Residency card isn’t enough. Virtual cards are issues for free, there’re also no monthly fees. You can get several virtual cards at the same time, there’re no restrictions on the number of cards.
  2. Сvc wallet is registered in the USA. Russians can get new cards and replace them. Verification isn’t required, but’s it’s still better to upload your documents to avoid problems with withdrawal and to be able to verify your PayPal account. A virtual card costs $6, deposit commission is 10% + $1, — meaning that you pay 10% and also $1. You can use Perfect Money, Payoneer, WebMoney, Skrill to transfer cryptocurrency to your card. According to a manager, you can get 5 cards for 1 account, if you need more cards, get more accounts.
  3. @GP_Cards_bot is a payment service powered by Gambling.Pro. It provides PrePaid cards of the US banks for working with FB. Internal replenishment commission is 5%, if you transfer USDT (TRC-20) to your card, you pay a 10% commission, if you use Capitalist to transfer funds to your card, you pay a 15% commission. Cards are issued and maintained for free. Minimum replenishment amount is $150. You can replace a card without losing its balance.
  4. Yufacard is a virtual card service registered in France. It’s expensive, but accessible. Its card can be linked to a PayPal account. You have to replenish the balance manually – make a transaction, then, use the chat. The support service responds within several hours. Issuing a card costs $10, you also pay a 7% fee. They accept most of the popular payment methods, including WMZ.
  5. Piastrix is a Polish e-wallet. At the moment, verification and registration of new wallets is suspended.
  6. BLACKCATCARD is a Maltese payment system. You need European documents to verify your account. They can also check your ID. Non-residents can only access IBAN. They don’t support Sepa payments for Russian citizens.
  7. Paydo is an English payment system. You can’t use documents of a citizen of Russian Federation. They work with more than 20 countries. You can’t use generated documents.
  8. Juni belongs to a Swedish company - Juni Technology AB. It positions itself as a neobank for electronic commerce. You need to run a business in the UK and have UK documents.
  9., provide money transfer services. They don’t issue virtual cards.
  10. Privacy is a US payment system. You need US documents, a US bank account or an account at the US bank’s payment system.
  11. Stripe is an American system that develops solutions for accepting and processing e-payments. They have a service that issues cards – Stripe Issue – but it’s available only in the USA and is now at the stage of beta testing for the UK and European countries.
  12. is an English virtual card service. It freezes at the registration stage even if you use a clear proxy server. Looks like it doesn’t work anymore.
  13. Skrill is an Irish electronic payment system, a sub-company of Paysafe Payment Solutions. You can’t get an account on your own: the anti-fraud checking is very strict and you need European documents.
  14. isn’t a way out, too. It was a good option for big teams with a big cash flow, but sanctions affected it, too.
  15. is a service that offers virtual cards. You can sign up via TG, a bot issues a card, you don’t need verification. But the cards are useless: FB doesn’t accept them, it even doesn’t charge the funds if usually charges before authorization. These cards also can’t be linked to self-registered TikTok and Google accounts. The project itself is registered in the USA, but looks like scam.

A setup from Pasha Shvetsov: Capitalist + PayPal


Capitalist is registered in the British Isles, that’s why it works with Russians despite of sanctions. Monthly card limit is $20 000, yearly card limit is $80 000.


How to get a cheap setup for working with FB:

  • Buy 1 PayPal account.
  • Sign up, verify your Capitalist account.
  • Replenish Capitalist balance.
  • Get many virtual cards.
  • Link a virtual card to PP.
  • Link your PayPal account to other accounts.

When your Capitalist account isn’t accepted by FB anymore, use another verified PP account and link another Capitalist virtual card to it. Repeat. It’s easy to verify your Capitalist account: it’s enough to sign up and use a generated document: send it together with a statement got from the same service. No one will check your data manually and carefully.


After verifying your account, replenish your balance, the easiest way is to use cryptocurrency. Then, you only have to convert cryptocurrency and order cards, using US citizen’s data. When you submit a request, you don’t have to send pictures of documents.


About PayPal account verification

The main difficulty you face when verifying a PayPal account is that some cards won’t be accepted. Capitalist, N26, Chase Bank, CVC Wallet and other payment systems are there to solve your problem. If Capitalist isn’t suitable for you due to any reason, you can buy an account of any bank that allows to replace virtual cards, and use the cards of the bank and also use them to verify PP accounts. Then, you link PP accounts to FB, Google and TikTok accounts.


You can use it for dozens of FB accounts. After Russian TikTok agencies were closed, the market sees a deficit of Business Centers, people use self-registered accounts more often and PayPal is an optimal solution for them.


How to open an account at a foreign country’s bank

Now, cards for linking to accounts aren’t the only problem. Many people also have problem with choosing a place where they can store funds and choosing the cards they can use abroad.


Foreign banks available for Russians

  • Kazakstani banks. If you have a Kazakstani ID, you can get virtual cards at Kazakstani banks. Not only the citizens of the country, but also those who live there temporarily can get an ID: you’ll need a temporary residence permit. — this service can provide Russian citizens who have a temporary residence permit with a virtual card remotely, you can also try Kaspi.
  • Turkish banks. Many Russians open accounts at Ziraat Bank, using a touristic temporary residence permit, but you need to visit a bank.
  • Portuguese banks. Millenium BCP and several other banks work remotely with non-residents, but you need an ID. The cost is €60 per year.
  • Georgian banks. To open an account remotely, you need an electronic certificate that proves your identity. A foreigner can get an ID card only after getting a long-term residence status. If you have this document, you can request remote registration in the Bankofgeorgia.
  • Asian banks. In most cases, you need a work visa or a long-term residence status, and you have to visit a bank.
  • Azerbaijanian banks. Owners of national ID cards (Asan Imza) can sign up to use mobile banking services without visiting an office. You will pass verification with the help of a video call after sending documents.


Of course, shops and sellers are always there for you. Given that the coming unemployment crisis will increase the number of scammers, you should be careful with sellers and work with guarantors. Now, many affiliates buy ready-made accounts of N26 banks (up to 1000 cards — free of charge) and Chase Bank (300 cards monthly). We’ve already told you about these payment systems in one of our recent articles.

Most European banks and some CIS ones can check your ID, it makes no sense to try to bypass the system in the GEOs like that. Generated documents, personality generators and photoshopped documents won’t help.



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