Nutra creatives (eyesight) analysis

Today, within the framework of our column “Where does the traffic go!?” Oman and the current CASH HUNTING SEASON contest, we analyze creatives in the “Eyesight” niche.

In this article, we reviewed suitable creatives, noted their pros and cons, and analyzed the working landing to one of the offers.


Offer: 20808 - Optivision - COD - [OM] 

Landing: 26252 

Creative analysis 1

اخصائي بصريات! لقد وجدت علاجًا مبتكرًا لمشاكل الرؤية

Image text: “Innovative method for restoring vision.”

Text below the image: “Ophthalmologists! We have found an innovative cure for vision problems!”


  • The image attracts attention with large and multi-layered lenses on glasses, which immediately focuses attention on vision problems. In this case, this image is a trigger for people with poor eyesight.
  • Glasses with multiple lenses globalize the problem, letting the user know that their problem is relevant to many people. There is a subconscious interest in reading the history of this person and the history of the restoration of vision = increases the clickability of the ad.
  • There is also a small image below in the corner with a supposed simple, homemade product to solve the problem.
  • Aloe is a natural healing agent, which indicates the safety and good composition of the product.
  •  The text of the image immediately makes it clear the theme of the advertisement.
  • The text contains the phrase "innovative". A person can immediately think of a large number of scientists and doctors, many scientific studies, tests carried out.
  • The text does not immediately talk about the problem, but offers a ready-made solution (a more positive approach, since the user does not have a comeback to the problem, but is motivated to find out the way to solve it).
  • A simple banner, without mentioning prohibited images, phrases, etc.


  •  There are no hard triggers on the image that would motivate the user to immediately go to the ad page, but this can also be an advantage.
  • There is no picture of the product or its packaging.
  • It would be a significant advantage to show the result “after” applying the product, but this can be an advantage as the user's interest only increases.

Creative analysis 2

قدم طبيب العيون نصائح حول كيفية تحسين الرؤية ، فهذه المكونات ستساعد

Image text : "No more worries"

Text below the image: “The ophthalmologist gave advice on how to improve vision. These ingredients will help.”


  • The image attracts attention with a non-standard image of the eye pupil.
  • The eye is depicted in close-up, it attracts attention and focuses attention immediately on the problem.
  • A detailed image of the eye can increase clickability due to increased interest in the image.
  • The eye is compared to the lens of a camera, giving associations for the same clear vision and good focus.
  • The text is metaphorically relevant to the image, indicating complete deliverance from the disease.
  • The text under the picture refers to the doctor's professional advice, thereby increasing not only the credibility of the ad, but also arousing interest in learning about effective products.
  • The word "Ingredients" is used to refer to the natural composition of the products and their safety for use.


  •  The image does not fully reveal the theme of the ad.
  • The text on the image does not reflect the full meaning of the problem.
  • There is no potential solution to the problem.
  • There are no triggers.
  • No packaging or product image. The user can scroll through this ad, as he has nothing to draw attention to.
  • On the other hand, all of the above factors will attract more interested buyers to your ad page, thereby increasing the conversion well.

Creative analysis 3

استعادة البصر الخاص بكيواجه الأشخاص الذين يعانون من ضعف البصر سلسلة من المشاكل. تحدث تلك المشاكل عندما ترى عيون .الشخص بشكل مختلف

Text below the image: “Restore vision. Visually impaired people have many problems. These problems arise when a person's eyes see differently.”


  • Attention-grabbing picture.
  • Modern themed image with an innovative approach. Causes the user to associate with the latest modern technologies for restoring vision.
  • The text immediately points to the solution, and only then the problems are mentioned.
  • The use of bright effects on the eye has a more positive perception on the part of a potential buyer.


  • There is no clear focus on the problem itself in the text and in the image.
  • The text has several meanings. It starts with a solution but then moves on to a problem, creating dissonance about the advertised product.
  • Missing text on image, no working triggers, no product image.


All three creatives can work well in conjunction with any landing that is about vision correction. For a good conversion, it is also better to add mentions of specialists and doctors in the field of ophthalmology, scientific research and results.

Consider this landing page:


  • The person in the photo is of Muslim appearance, there is always more trust in compatriots.
  • Mention of this product in the media.
  • There are photos of doctors, their public speeches and discussions of the problem.
  • The date of the performance is quite fresh, which indicates the novelty of the product.
  • Here we see that the interview format is used. The specialist talks about a new innovative approach to creating a product, answers all possible questions, talks about the benefits of the product, why you need to choose it. He also talks about scientific research, provides facts, figures.
  • There is a roulette wheel and a raffle as an easy way to win a good discount. This approach gives additional interest and motivation to the user to make a profitable purchase here and now.
  • There is a roulette wheel as an easy way to win a good discount. This approach gives additional interest and motivation to the user to make a profitable purchase here and now.
  • Very important: there are reviews of the product from real users.
  • Users in the photo are residents of the Muslim region, which means that the tool can be effective in this climate and other territorial conditions.
  • There is a picture of the product and its packaging.


  • There is no “before” and “after” result.
  • User reviews are left at about the same time interval. It is better to date reviews by different months and dates.
  • There is no image about research, scientific pictures.
  • No actual product photo. Which could be included in customer reviews.


   So, we have considered several creatives, their pluses and ambiguous minuses. Why ambiguous? Because working landing page and a creative can only be verified at work and with a lot of tests. After all, no one knows until the end which creativity can give a good conversion for a particular region. Therefore, it is always better to do more tests with an image, with different text and approaches.

   For Oman, all three creatives have one thing in common: simple content without prohibited content. Users can click on such ads without hesitation, because they do not go against their territorial foundations and rules.


   In the comments, share your opinion on which creative will give the highest conversion and how you could improve it, your colleagues will always be interested in learning good advice! We also remind you that this offer participates in the competition and it is possible that it will bring you winning leads and take you to the top of the tournament table.


With care for your profit,!




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