How to create a converting adult creative?

   Working with adult products has not only a number of significant advantages, such as niche relevance, good rates, good conversion rate, good profit, etc., but also a number of difficulties that a webmaster may face when working. Difficulties include a ban on placing banners with a direct and frank adult theme on most sites, complex moderation, and the use of a cloaca. The webmaster must have good experience in working with traffic in order to drive to adult.

   Experienced webmasters know how best to bypass moderation by hiding a hidden target message for the user in the creative, replacing frank adult pictures with familiar associative metaphorical images of fruits, vegetables, happy girls, etc. A well-made creative is a key element of an advertisement. However, when working with traffic, not everything is so simple and easy. Conversion loves tests, creativity and a bold analytical approach. The same principle works with adult creatives.

   Let's consider how to create a working creative in the adult category, where you can find high-quality sources, how to check them for their ability to pass moderation on a particular site.

Approaches to creating adult creatives depending on the source.

“Choose an offer for the available traffic - is a rule

that everyone should follow before starting work.”


   If we are talking about the creation and selection of creatives, then here it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the source from which we will drive traffic. To work with adult nutra, the following traffic sources can be distinguished:



Push notification - is a picture with a title (with a clearly defined problem, topic) + text with a ready-made solution to this problem. Therefore, the correctness of these components directly affects whether the user goes on to the landing page or not. When working with this source, there are many opportunities for creativity. But also they can be limited by the rules of the site or advertising network (in adult networks, the possibility of placing frank banners will prevail over the others, where you will need to make the creative "white" to comply with the regulations). If you still choose a more metaphorical approach, then standard eggplants, bananas, cucumbers, bolts, etc. can be used here.

   If you need to advertise a product and filter out the non-target audience, thereby increasing the conversion, you can use the image of the product, product pack, logo or its name. But, here it should be taken into account that an enticing picture in combination with a well-thought-out text can attract more traffic. If we talk about the text, then it should fully reflect the image, revealing its hidden meaning. Concise, catchy content that immediately points to a problem and encourages a person to go to the ad page. In order not to miss the user on the landing, remember that the landing should be a continuation of the creative and match the content, product and problem.


For example


“Do you have erection problems?”
“With this tool will stand like a rock”


“Small dick?!”
“ Fast 3 cm increase in 3 days!”


“Cum fast?”
“Titan Gel will give you titanic endurance”


As an example, we have selected for you the most working creatives, which are ranked depending on the approach.



Native traffic

When working with native traffic, there are also several main areas that directly affect the choice of approach and requirements for creatives. If you work through public popular sources (mainstream sources), then it is better to select creatives according to the site rules, replacing them with associative images as well. The more stringent the criteria, the more attention should be paid to the selection of the desired image. Images of vegetables and fruits, various measuring instruments, trees, jellyfish, mushrooms, happy faces of girls, etc. may also be suitable here. For example, we selected several relevant creatives:

For working with adult networks, this approach will no longer be relevant. Advertisements will be placed on sites for adults, and here the associative approach will already be out of the general concept of the site. Consequently, adult networks require a more explicit approach to creating creative and landing (everything that belongs to the 18+ category).


Banner traffic

Suitable for webmasters with a good traffic background who have experience with high bids per lead. To work with this type of traffic, you need to have a clear idea of trends, current features, conduct daily monitoring of competitors and know which approach can now give a good conversion (for convenience, you can use the Adult Adplexity Spy-service). Even with all this knowledge and the necessary skills for creating banners, a webmaster needs to experiment in approaches, making tests in search of a working creative and landing.


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is perhaps one of the most difficult sources of traffic for working with adult topics, as it requires good preparation for the selection of tools by the webmaster. Everyone who has tried to upload to adult through FB knows about very strict moderation, preparing accounts and setting up a cloaca. FB categorically prohibits the placement of ads with explicit content, so here you need to either make white creatives, fitting them to the rules of the site, or use associative pictures that will attract the user's attention. When working with FB, you also need to look at trends that convert competitors (to help AdHeart and AdSpy), test and change approaches.

Where can you get sources for creatives?

   When creating any creative, you need to clearly know the peculiarities of the mentality of the region, the tastes and preferences of the audience you will be targeting. The image should also be as close to the real one as possible (minimize Photoshop in favor of a natural picture). Those who have been driving on adult for a long time know very well that ads with ordinary women and men who are in the realities of everyday life show a higher envelope than images with professional models, thereby increasing the confidence of a potential buyer. However, it is rather difficult to find suitable images of real users on the Internet, since in the case of creating adult creatives, this topic is more private for public display.

   A working solution would be to use popular marketplaces (find a popular marketplace in the GEO you need). Buyers quite often post photos of the purchased product in the “Reviews” section, where you can find suitable sources for future creatives by researching current product positions in the “Underwear”, “Underpants”, “Night shirts” categories, etc. For international sites - Aliexpress, Amazon, Ebay (the rules on the sites are quite strict, but you can always find what you need).

   An alternative solution can be Spy - services, provided that there are skills in editing the creative and adapting it to your needs.

Moderation: services for determining the adult in the photo, examples of creatives that will pass and will not pass the moderation.

   In order to check your ready-made creative and reduce the time it takes to launch the advertising campaign, you can check it in special services that determine the safety of content for viewing and evaluate it, on the basis of which the webmaster can analyze and make changes if necessary.
One such service is ClarifAl, an artificial intelligence-driven automatic content moderation service that quickly and accurately filters out inappropriate content.

ClarifAl can accurately determine if a photo contains a hint of adult or erotic, illegal and prohibited content. You can also analyze the picture for ambiguous content (relevant when preparing creatives for the nutra and adult verticals). The algorithm for working with the service is quite simple: you need to upload a picture with an adult theme, see the security level. If it has an index with a value of 1-maximum (SFW and NSFW), then it is safe for moderation. This service is one of the most famous with increased trust. If it missed this image, then this indicates that it will pass moderation on other sites.


The Google Vision service not only evaluates content according to its own scale, but also classifies the image into certain categories. Also, the service can determine all additional objects, emotions, general background, etc., which are shown in the picture.

In the Safe Search section, the user receives a detailed analysis, based on which he can understand the success of the moderation for this creative. So if an image with an adult theme has high scores, then it is better to correct it and check it again or replace it with a more innocent one.


These services significantly save time and budget for webmasters, helping to bring the selected creative to the desired result.


An example of working creative + landing + offer in

Offer: 18591 - LongJack - COD - [NG] - 7.00$ (Enhancement)
Landing page: lander-1

   This image format is suitable for working with push and native traffic. Why can this creative and landing page be considered working? Let's start with objective advantages:


   Offer, creative and landing in this case are mutually binding components and are designed in the same visual style, one is a continuation of the previous one. Seeing the picture of the ad, the user's attention from the first seconds will catch the male body with clearly visible advantages + demonstration of the offer and an indication of its natural composition. The user may already be interested in this offer, as it is not harmful to health.
   Going to the landing page, we see the classic working scheme: a topic in the format of a question and a ready-made solution in the form of a product with the listed benefits, a hot limited-time offer with a discount, which is so loved in African regions, and a quick order button.

Further, the buyer can be convinced of the information on the natural composition declared on the creative, the algorithms of its action in terms of medical effects on the body, which also increases the trust in the product.

   The instructions for using the product, which are accompanied by visual design and comments about the benefits encourages the user to buy. Definitely for most of the stronger sex (especially those with a problem) this is a quick working solution without a certain amount of time and money.


Landing page: lander- 2


   The second landing is more concise and aggressive in the presentation of information. At the same time, it contains almost everything you need for a visual presentation and a quick purchase of a product. All the advantages of using this product are listed, a picture with the results is given, a good hot discount and a buy button.


   To increase the percentage of transition to the landing, we also recommend adding a topic or question to the creative image. On the landing page itself, you can write in more detail about the studies and tests carried out, add customer reviews (+ real product packaging).
The creative itself does not belong to the “white” category, so to use it, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the advertising network and site before working.


   So, from all of the above, we can conclude that driving traffic to adult is profitable and very interesting, since you always need to upgrade not only your skills in working with traffic, but also the creative component. Before searching for or preparing a creative, you should always remember that only tests, constant analytics and a creative approach can tell you the best about its high conversion. Do not be afraid to experiment, rework and try sometimes even the most insane ideas at first glance, because sometimes they can lead you to the desired result.


For the benefit of your high conversion rate, your!




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