GEO battle - India VS Malaysia

Under the rubric “Where do we send traffic?!” we analyze one of the popular GEOs in detail and give useful recommendations on working with traffic and creatives. Today we decided to consider two GEOs and conduct a comparative analysis. When choosing a region, you can compare criteria in case you want to switch traffic from one region to another.

We will talk about two regions of Southeast Asia, namely India and Malaysia. Both countries are Tier-3 countries and have their own similarities and differences that can significantly affect your profit.








Webmaster skill

and competition


Low threshold for getting started, more suitable for beginner webmasters, average market competition. Lots of cheap traffic.

Popular payment models: CPA, CPL

The entry threshold is already slightly higher, suitable for intermediate and beginner level webmasters, there is little competition among webmasters.

Popular payment models: CPA, CPL




Over 1,416,000,000 people = potential leads over 1 billion people.

Average age of the population: from 15 to 65 years (more than 913 KK people)

Average life expectancy: 64-67 years

Literacy of the population: more than 70%

More than 32 million people of which 78% of the population lives in cities.

Average age of a potential buyer: 25-30 years old

Average life expectancy: 71-76 years

Literacy of the population: more than 94%


Internet use

The Internet is used by more than 834.29 million people, of which more than 90% use mobile Internet, thereby bringing the region to the TOP 3 countries in terms of Internet use in the world.

Mostly this is watching videos, online shopping, mobile games.

The Internet is used by more than 29 million people. more than 92% of them use mobile Internet.

The region as a whole is dominated by mobile traffic.

The country is known for its poor quality wired internet connection.

Mostly users spend time in social networks, play mobile games.


Operation of call


There are many hard-to-reach settlements, it is better to drive traffic to big cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad. It is also better to clarify the work of the call center with your manager in advance.
Cities with low economic status and logistics: Varanasi, Kolkata, Dharavi.

The Internet is used by more than 29 million people. more than 92% of them use mobile Internet. The region as a whole is dominated by mobile traffic.

The country is known for its poor quality wired internet connection.

Mostly users spend time in social networks, play mobile games.





  • family
  • the bonds of marriage
  • procreation
  • caring for loved ones and the older generation
  • high religiosity (Hinduism)
  • trusting attitude to the media, advertised products
  • intimacy between a man and a woman is considered one of the most important and sacred rituals, which popularizes the relevance of related products
  • relative patriarchy (women have much less rights and freedom of choice, important decisions are consistent with a man).
    • family
    • procreation
    • high religiosity (Islam), there is also Buddhism
    • cult of food
    • cult of children
    • can live for quite a long time or all their lives with their parents in the same territory, hence the concern for the older generation.
    • most internet users are men the final decision is also made by the man in the family
    • a distinctive feature is friendliness, the desire to help others
    • high working capacity (per year official vacation 14 days).



Actual problems

  • low availability of medicine and its high cost for a large number of the population
  • low level of sanitary standards
  • unfavorable environmental conditions leading to various diseases
  • low wages for a larger population
  • poor sanitation
  • unfavorable ecological situation
  • an excessive cult of food, hence problems with weight, blood vessels and joints
  • great physical activity for agricultural workers
  • excessive smoking
  • excessive drinking


Solvency of the population

Average salary level: from $400-470 per month.
They make good purchases online (mainly from a mobile phone), but mostly out of necessity, they like discounts (for poor regions).
The most demanded and paid spheres: IT-sphere, tourism, small private business, medicine.
Number of unemployed population: 6.5%

Average salary level: from $700-8000 per month
Purchasing power at a good level, due to good earnings.
The most demanded and paid spheres: tourism, technical and electronic industry, agriculture.
Number of unemployed population: 3.9%


The level of medical education

A large population, a low level of medical care, which encourages residents to resort to traditional medicine and self-medication.

Medicine here is developed at a fairly good level, its cost is affordable for a larger number of the population, but there is also self-medication.
For local residents in public institutions free medicine.


Local celebrities

Bollywood stars, athletes. For example, Aamir Khan, Abhay Deol, Anushka Shetty and etc.

Malays are very fond of watching Indian Bollywood, political news, local bloggers and famous people in the media.


Popular sites


Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Xhamster, Amazon, Quora, Flipkart.

Messengers: WhatsApp, FB Messenger.

Google, YouTube, Facebook (for a more mature and earning audience), Shopee, Instagram (younger age), TikTok, Twitter, Mybank2u, Yahoo.

Messengers: WhatsApp, WeChat (in some areas).


Traffic sources

Facebook, Teasers, Native Ads, Google Ads

TrafficStars (Native), Native Ads, Facebook, Taboola




  • it is better to use creative + pre-landing + landing (conversion decreases, but the arrival of target users to the site increases)
  • use of popular actors and stars
  • use creatives with the image of Hindus, there is more trust in your compatriots
    using local fruits
  • target on male audience
  • using happy faces of girls
  • use of promotions, roulettes and lotteries on landing pages
  • short videos 5-7 seconds
  • demonstration of the result "before" and "after"
  • it is better to avoid the image of the index finger
  • you can apply the theme of the family, caring for loved ones, the older generation in the approach
  • it is better to avoid using yellow, blue, black and white in creatives
  • avoid images of dogs and pigs in creatives
  • it is forbidden to use nudity
  • local fruits and vegetables (aloe, garcinia, hibiscus tea tree extract, etc.), focusing on the natural composition of the product



Actual niches

  • adult (products for men's health and strength)
  • weight loss
  • parasites
  • joints
  • diabetes
  • adult (products for men's health and strength)
  • anti-aging cosmetics
  • weight loss
  • parasites
  • diabetes
  • joints



English and Hindi. When targeting sparsely populated and remote cities, it is better to use Hindi + take dialects into account, for all other regions we advise use English.

It is better to use mainly the native language - Malay, but English is also acceptable. There is also a dialect - Manglish (for the correctness of the translation, we recommend using the services of a professional translator).






Weight loss:


   Weight loss:




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