How to get profit in nutra using local sources?

 In the modern arbitration world, there are many free and paid traffic sources, with which there are their own principles of operation (GEO, offer, target audience, etc.), because all the criteria for run ads are selected for the available traffic, and not vice versa. But today we would like to talk about local traffic sources and the principles of working with them in the nutra vertical and launching advertising campaigns for certain regions, such as Africa, Asia and of course Europe.

    So, in short and clear, the local traffic source is all the data that exists within one local site or in one local region. There are world-famous and well-known sources (Google Ads, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ect.), and there are also sources that are popular within one or more regions.

   What this can mean for a webmaster who works with cpa nutra and what profit can be earned by starting to work with local traffic sources in these regions, the pros and risks of work, we will consider today in our article.

What sources can be used when working with nutra?

    • Global platforms (we mentioned them just above) that prohibit the publication of ads related to the nutra and as a result, the advertising campaign gets banned, along with the account and the advertising cabinet. And further placement on these platforms takes a lot of time and manipulation, as you need to configure and prepare everything anew, work out the land, pick up a pre landing, etc. Experienced webmasters carefully prepare accounts, use the cloaca and know all the important aspects when setting up an advertising campaign for a longer survival of accounts and successful moderation.
    • Global platforms that are more loyal to the nutra campaigns and have less strict restrictions for publishing advertising campaigns (Opera Ads, TikTok, MGID, AdsKeeper). Therefore, the story with bans is more loyal here, if you do not bend the rules of the site and use the right creatives. Ads with a specified benefit from the advertised product can easily be moderated without the use of a cloaca. This automatically makes these sources attractive for webmasters who are just starting their journey in arbitration.
    • Local sources. Platforms that are completely different and individual for each region, with their own rules for posting ads. Significant advantages of working with such sources are low moderation criteria, little competition among webmasters, which automatically increases the conversion rate and the final profit. By choosing such a source webmaster gets an advantage, but in order to make good money from a GEO that has not yet been worked out, you will first have to understand the principles and rules of working with the source, target audience, language, creatives, etc.

   When working with each source, not only can there be difficulties, ups and downs, but also a 100% ROI, if you try. However, we will return to our topic and consider the launch of Nutra on local sources in more detail.

How and where to run ads in Africa?

   In 2022 Africa is becoming more popular, new GEOs that have not yet been worked out and working offers with good conversion appear. Africa can be divided into regions with a good economic situation, high purchasing power and approval rates (Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, etc.) and higher competition among webmasters. As well as regions (Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, etc.), which are only gaining their popularity and opening their doors for webmasters, where traffic is generated more slowly, payouts may be lower, but conversion is always good. Each African region has its own local sources, which are not interconnected and are individual.

   It is worth noting that the hot climate, the poor level of medical care and unsanitary conditions in some countries, the large volume of the agricultural industry, age and related problems in both men and women make nutra very popular in every region of this continent. And in short, every person wants to be beautiful and healthy, and the people of Africa are no exception. The main thing here is to correctly choose the target audience at launch.


Let's move on to local sources for working with nutra

      • Let's start with one of the most popular platforms in the GCC and MENA regions, namely the Speakol platform (native advertising network). Very handy device with a clear interface. The platform is growing annually in the number of users and is friendly to the publication of beauty and health products.
      • Another popular native platform is Jubna. It is based in the UAE and will be useful for both advertisers and webmasters.
      • AdFalcon is a programmatic advertising platform in the MENA region, with the possibility of placing mobile advertising for advertisers and webmasters.
      • EngageYa is one of the largest platforms for placing native ads (with a reach of 40 billion views per month) in North Africa. One of the main advantages is the friendly policy of the platform for placing ads related to beauty and health, multi-vertical focus and low competition.
      • On the NG Adverts platform, you can advertise your product (business) which will be visible on a large number of websites, targeting Africa and Nigeria.

How and where to work with nutra in Asia?

   Asia is an ideal combination of regions that will be of interest to webmasters, regardless of their professional skills. There are countries that are predominantly characterized by inexpensive traffic (Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, etc.), and there are also regions (Oman, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.) where the cost of a lead will be quite high, as is the competition among webmasters, which automatically changes the approach and preparation in the launches of the advertising campaign.

      • If we talk about local sources, then we can single out networks with a wide level of coverage of Asian regions - Dable and Popin. Moderation is loyal to the inside, so if you want to try working with traffic in Asian regions, then these networks are the most suitable for this.
      • Yengo is a teaser network that specializes in product advertising (ideal for Nutra launches) and is known for good traffic quality.
      • Local network - LINE. The site is a social network in which, along with pictures and articles, you can place advertising banners.
      • Macaw  is a multi-vertical native advertising platform primarily operating in Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Well suited for launching Nutra, provides support to users, which facilitates the process of maintenance, settings for launching an advertising campaign.
      • Another native network is AdvertNative, which cooperates with news sites and mainly covers such regions as: Vietnam, Indonesia, India. It is quite easy to go through moderation (with products for men's health and strength, it is better to use calm creatives). A personal support is also provided, who can help with Creo and launches.
      • Adsmart is a network that works with news traffic (both mobile and desktop traffic is possible), positioning itself for any niche and any type of traffic.
      • CocCoc is a search engine focused on the Vietnamese market. Here you can place ads in search results, banner type ads, as well as place ads on partner sites.

How and where to work with nutra in Europe?

   In Europe, there is a large selection of GEOs for a webmaster from the list of Tier-1 and Tier-2 countries. Of course, in order to get a good cost per lead when launching Nutra, you need to carefully prepare your advertisements, given the great competition among webmasters. Here, the launch of advertising campaigns in local networks can provide a significant advantage for the webmaster and reduce competition for him in the market. Consider local European networks in more detail:

      • Content Exchange  is a native network with the placement of widgets on advertised sites, to create and configure which the webmaster only needs to install the code on his site based on instructions, top up the balance, and all other technical questions are prepared by the company. Related company works on a similar model of assistance in setting up the launch of an advertising campaign.
      • Adrino - Polish native network.
      • Midas Network  is a native network that works on the PPC model and is more popular among Croatian residents, where ads are served through an RSS feed.
      • Etarget is a computer network in Central and Eastern Europe. Each country has its own peculiarities of work, launch criteria, currency and payments.
      • EasyPlatform is an online advertising platform that can reach millions of users in Bulgaria and North Macedonia. The network is multi-vertical, works according to the PPC model, the launch of Nutra is allowed under exclusive partnership conditions (custom native ads, static banners, interactive HTML5 rich media banners are possible).

How to withdraw money and pay for an advertising account when working with local networks?

   When working with local networks, you need to be prepared (since this is a cashless payment) that some payments can take quite a long time, which significantly slows down the work process. Here you need to either work with a margin of time, taking into account delays or look for options.


   In our reality, more and more webmasters are opting for electronic currencies. Each local network has its own ways of withdrawing in e-currency, it is better to immediately check this with support.

For some platforms, this story is possible if there is a support manager (by agreement, transfer the amount to the manager to replenish the account).

   And of course, you can remember about wallets, from where you can withdraw and receive cash.

How can you find local platforms by yourself?

   If you want to explore local sites in any region of the world to launch yourself, you can use the SimilarWeb service (it analyzes the resource you are interested in for attendance, audience, geo data, keywords, traffic, competition, etc.).

   The principle of operation is simple: you need to select the required region, put the category “News and Media” and study the proposed sites by rating and attendance. Go to the selected site, monitor for the presence of advertisements in the field of beauty and health, find the contacts of the manager or the site. Next, study the conditions on the site, register or write to the manager directly.


   Local platforms are always a good chance for a webmaster to make money, they can please the bravest with excellent ROI and impressive profit. To do this, you need a little time to figure out their features and criteria for launching the advertising campaign, then everything will go like clockwork!

With care for your profit,!




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