GEO battle - Peru VS Chile

What do two famous regions like Peru and Chile have in common? Both regions belong to South America, have their own centuries-old culture, traditions and colorful mentality. The countries have a very developed tourist destination, which is due to the beauty of the landscape, geographical location and local attractions. Both countries belong to Tier -2, which also adds more and more interest to webmasters. A lot of cheap traffic, stable approval and increased demand for nutra products. You can work with small budgets, but cheap tests are just one of a big number of advantages when working with these GEOs.


In this issue, we will compare and analyze in detail the features when working with regions, their strengths and weaknesses. We also picked up alternative offers in relevant niches for a possible transition to another geo.









Affiliates skill

and competition

You can start working with small budgets, cheap traffic and little competition among webmasters.

Popular payment models: CPA, CPL

A lot of inexpensive traffic, which makes it possible for beginners and more experienced webmasters to work. GEO is very popular for work, the competition is average.

Popular payment models: CPA, CPL



More than 33 million people

Average age of a potential buyer: 25-30 years old

Average life expectancy: 70-73 years

Literacy of the population: more than 94.5%



More than 19 million people

Average age of a potential buyer: 32-34 years old

Average life expectancy: 75-80 years

Literacy of the population: more than 97.3%


Internet use

The Internet is used by more than 25 million people, of which more than  90% use the mobile Internet. The speed of mobile Internet is not very high, which limits the choice of advertising  formats  (it is better to use static).


Mostly users spend time in social networks (here Facebook is the absolute leader), online shopping.

The Internet is used by more than 15.5 million people. This is more than 82% of people = the potential number of leads, of which more than 70% use the mobile Internet. Internet quality is one of the best in South America, which opens up excellent opportunities for using different advertising formats.


Mostly users spend time in social networks.


Operation of call centers and delivery services

Large cities by population and urbanization: Lima, Arequipa, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Huancayo.

When working with traffic, local time must be taken into account (UTC -5).

It is also better to clarify the work of the call center with your manager in advance.

Some areas of the country can only be reached by air, so it is better to check the location of the call center.


Large cities by population and urbanization: Santiago, Puente Alto, Antofagasta, San Bernardo. When working with traffic, local time must be taken into account (UTC -4).

There are no problems with logistics, it is better to check the opening hours of call centers with the manager.

Average cost per lead

from 10$-15$

from 5$- 22$



  • family
  • marriage
  • kindness and friendliness
  • patriotism
  • reduced sense of responsibility
  • excessive emotionality
  • take their appearance seriously
  • religiosity (catholicism)
  • excessive adherence to traditions and national culture
  • love festivals and holidays
  • a family
  • religiosity (christianity)
  • procreation
  • patriotism
  • very emotional
  • cult of children, large families
  • like to make decisions quickly
  • unhurried
  • postponing decisions or cases until later
  • introverts and even shy
  • love football
  • love to give gifts
  • low level of corruption
  • high degree of trust in the state
  • Sunday is a “day of boredom”, all institutions are closed except for large shopping centers
  • country of rallies and protests



Actual problems of the region

  • low availability of medicine and its high cost for the poor
  • water supply problems
  • low level of sanitary standards for certain areas
  • unfavorable environmental conditions leading to various diseases (water is not suitable for drinking)
  • low wages for a large number of the population (more than 8 million live below the poverty line - indigenous and rural population)
  • expensive education
  • inefficient drug supply
  • corruption
  • informal paid work
  • sufficiently low level of sanitation
  • unfavorable ecological situation
  • natural disasters
  • very expensive education (from $500 per month)
  • low-grade housing conditions (slums and unsanitary conditions)
  • irregular diet (love for fried food)
  • a large percentage of consumption of sweets
  • one of the most hardworking countries in the world

Solvency of the population

National currency - Peruvian nuevo sol.
Average salary level: from $400-430 per month.
Good shopping online. Active debit and credit card holders.
The most demanded and paid areas:
tourism, small private business, non-ferrous metallurgy, agriculture.

Number of unemployed population: 8.6%


National currency - Chilean peso.
Average salary level: from $1320 per month.
Purchasing power at a good level, due to good earnings.
The most demanded and paid spheres are: tourism, winemaking and fishing, agriculture, copper ore industry.
Number of unemployed population: 7.8%

The level of medical education


Expensive medicine is largely inaccessible to the poor in the region. Folk medicine, Kurandeo (the second largest number of shamans in the world) and self-healing are popular in the region.

Expensive medicine (for one appointment you can pay from $70, and a hospital from $2k). There are only 3 main pharmacy chains, the cost of medicines is expensive. All this encourages people to often turn to self-medication or traditional medicine.

There is free treatment for a specific list of diseases for the local population (diseases that can lead to death).


Local celebrities who are used in creatives

Athletes, actors, writers

Chileans are very fond of watching Netflix, political news. You can also use local doctors and actors.


Popular sites according to SpyMetrics

Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Xvideos, Zoom, Twitter, Movistar, Xnnx, TikTok ect.

Online shopping:,,

News sites:,,,,

Messengers: WhatsApp, FB Messenger.


Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Twitter, Xvideos,, ect. 

Online shopping:,, and

News sites:,,,,

Messengers: WhatsApp, FB Messenger.

Traffic sources


Facebook, Teasers, Native Ads, Google Ads

Teasers, Push, Native Ads, Facebook. 



  • use of images with a national bias (clothes, people of the same nationality)
  • local doctors
  • yellow is the color of good luck
  • use of promotions, roulettes and lotteries on landing pages
  • working products with a natural composition, local fruits and vegetables (kamu-camu, lukuma, kivicha, poppy, pichuberi etc.)
  • recommendations from doctors, research and facts
  • image of the final result, without “before” and “after”
  • caring for family and loved ones, helping and solving their problems (high life expectancy = caring for the older generation)
  • it is better to avoid hints of sexism in creatives, feminism (gender equality) prevails in the country.
  • local fruits and vegetables (kiwano, quince, nisperos, avocado, araucaria seeds, palm honey, etc.), with an emphasis on the natural composition of the product
  • chileans read user comments before buying


Actual niches

  • parasites
  • weight loss
  • hypertension
  • vision
  • joints
  • diabetes
  • adult products
  • weight loss (the main problem of the region)
  • parasites
  • diabetes
  • joints
  • hypertension
  • adult products


The official language is Spanish. In the regions of the country where the Indians live, there are also Quechua and Aymara. English-speaking people live predominantly in Lima.

It is better to use predominantly native Spanish. There are also dialects (southern part - Chilot dialect. Northern - Andean). For the correctness of the translation, we recommend using the services of a professional translator.


Alternative offers in

21305 - Vitaprost - COD - [PE] - 11.00$ (Prostatitis) 

20660- Vitalica - COD - [PE] - 13.00$ (Weight loss) 

20978- ProStrong - COD - [CL] - 19.00$ (Prostatitis) 

20864 -Diet Flat - COD - [CL] - 19.00$ (Weight loss) 




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