Uniqueization of creatives in Spy-services

Together with the ability to generate creatives, it is also important to be able to make them unique. This skill is necessary in order to skillfully use other publishers’ approaches as well as to refresh your ads if other websites notice them, as it increases the chance of bans. The process of uniqueization includes both changing the image itself: either editing or completely remastering it. As well as working with metadata. All this is done so that the network algorithms determine the files as absolutely new and unique with an untainted reputation.

Metadata is information about the file, one can say - its documents, they include: title, extension, copyright, date of creation, geolocation and so on. There are many programs and online services that allow you to completely remove and edit metadata. Metadata should be cleaned at the very end after uniqueization, as we may leave our own traces while working on creatives.

Step-by-step process of creo uniqueization shown in our video.



 As for editing images, here it is necessary to explain such a concept as hash-sum (hash), it is a unique identifier of a file, which is assigned either by the first owner of the file or by the program. Different algorithms can be used for calculation, there is a site in the description where you can generate and compare hashes of different files. So, for the network to perceive it as new and unique, hash-sum also should become unique, and for this you need to make images quite unique. The best way is to do it yourself. Here is a list of things that will help to make images look new and unique for Facebook. If after all these steps a creative is banned, you can take a screenshot and use it.

There are of course many services for automatic uniqueization. We've also compiled a list of useful bots that make uploaded photo or video files unique, as well as special software for editing images (@ShinobiCSSBo, @clicklead_media_bot, @docgenFB_bot, @unikcreo_bot, @apps4you_uniqbot, @PhotoVideoUniq_bot, IMGonline.com, NPPR.Team, profitweb.tools, uniq.dolphin).

Neural Networks

We would like to focus on Neural Networks that can help you in this case. In addition to the well-known MidJourney, we have this list. Let's get to know it better:

  • Foto GoArt - offers stylistic processing of existing images, editing or creating new ones from a text.
  • Pornpen.ai - This neural network will help in generating creatives of 18+ category.
  • synthesia.io - allows you to create videos from a text. More specifically, it generates a talking head that speaks our text.
  • Craiyon - generates images from a text.
  • wellsaidlabs - can provide you with a very high-quality voiceover of our text in English.
  • elevenlabs.io - also voices our texts, but in different languages.
  • D-ID - makes simple images that pronounce texts, and you can upload your own audio file with voice, or just type the text.
  • riverside.fm - will help us pull a text out of video or in case we need to remaster video creatives.

How to search for creatives

Before we start editing, let's talk about how to search for creatives and go through a simple instruction on how to do it in the free Facebook Library. Its interface is much simpler than in AdHeart, search can be performed both by keywords and exact phrases. We separate keywords with vertical dashes, while exact phrases are enclosed in quotes.

GEO in this case is India. Let's search for creatives with prostatitis. Let's filter the results. You can choose by language, advertiser, platform, media type, activity status and display period. In our case: set the ad launch period and choose to display only active ads. And here you have the active ads in front of you, you can see the launch dates, platform, creatives and text parts on the cards. From here you can also click on the link and view all ads from the selected account. This way you find creatives that Facebook has already approved and can work on them.


If you compare Facebook library with AdHeart, the Library wins because it is free, and all ads appear in it immediately since it is a Meta product. Whereas AdHeart starts at $50 per month, and ads appear in it within a few days. Also, there are comments that AdHeart can display not all ads, but the library puts everything as it is.

The Facebook library is a good tool especially with minimal budgets, but, thanks to flexible search settings, spy services allow you to work much more thoroughly on the search for ads of competitors. 

Creatives’ uniqueization in Canva

Let's take a look at how to make creatives unique, as well as how to redesign them using the free version of the Canva.

Choose a square pattern, for example for an Instagram post and upload your creative.

Then search for textures in the Canva database. Choose a suitable one and set it on the background.

Make the creative a little transparent so that the textures start to protrude, but don’t spoil the image, it will be enough for the algorithm.

Then apply a filter (choose a colored square, make it transparent and apply it on top of the image). You can also add a frame. Then edit the parameters of the creative namely temperature, tint, sharpness and clean up the metadata.

The uniqueization of this creative is complete.

Creatives’ remastering in Canva

Depending on the creatives, you can continue to mess with it. The main thing is that this large number of manipulations shouldn’t greatly degrade the creative’s perception. It is desirable that the perception doesn’t deteriorate, so remastering the creatives is the best option.

Let's take the same creative: it consists of a backdrop with bottles of vinegar, a girl in the foreground, a banner, a flag and a call to action. Let's put all the components together.

We have a picture of a girl on the Internet, go to Remove.bg and remove the background.

Find a scenic backdrop and the flag of the Bahamas. 

Now let's start creating the creative. Load everything into Canva and start with the background.

Place the girl, put a shadow for contrast and add a little light. 

Do the header.

Then put the call to action.

Put the flag. It’s done.


Video Creo uniqueization in Canva

Let's uniqueize the video. Upload the file.

Edit the picture itself a little bit and add a texture.

Make a new header. 

Turn off the audio track. On the timeline divide the video into separate episodes and change their tilt.

Add a new audio track and clean up the metadata. The video creative is ready.


As you can see uniqueization is just a combination of simple steps and everyone can cope with it. The key here is to do a pre-survey to increase your visibility and get creative and try different approaches.



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