+$3196 with ROI 201% for fungus to Poland

As part of our Mini Case Contest, we have prepared for you one more case in the niche "fungus" in Poland with a result + $3196 with ROI 201%.

  • Period: 03.02.2022 - 23.03.2022
  • Earned: $4786
  • Spent:: ~ $1590
  • Profit: ~ $3196
  • ROI: 201%
  • AR: 20%
  • Target audience: M/F 40-65+
  • Source: Facebook
  • Affiliate Program: dr.cash
  • Offer: 20564 - Skinatrin Free (Private)
  • GEO: Poland

Technical part

  • Antidetect Browser: Dolphin anty
  • Proxies: UA mobile proxies
  • Cloaking: IMKLO
  • White Pages: Tilda Patterns

Drived traffic on “get for free” offers for fungus to Poland. For the entire duration of the campaign, that is, for 20 days, were involved 5 accounts.

Funnel and creatives

This pre-landing was used for work. Instead of an order form, was placed a roulette wheel. Different creatives were tested, and as a result, such creatives went well, leads came out at a maximum of $1-1.5.


Screenshot of statistics with results.


Statistics from the Affiliate Network.



Campaigns were launched from accounts that had already received a ban and successfully exited it according to the 1-2-2 scheme. That is, in each individual campaign there were 2 ad groups with their own targeting and settings, and in this group there were 2 ads. The audience of men and women 40+, Facebook feed.
There were a lot of comments, I had to clean literally every 2-3 hours.


I have been working with dr.cash for a long time, I have no complaints about the work. Same day payouts upon request. I also want to say a special thank you to my manager Nastya, who helped with all questions and always answers in a timely manner, even during non-working hours for her.




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