Where does the traffic go? Thailand

Thailand is a country of hot sun, beautiful beaches and famous sights. The region is one of the most popular tourist destinations for people from all over the world. People come to the region to see the natural beauties, learn about the colorful culture and relax. However, the country is also interesting for its huge potential for working with traffic and especially nutra offers, overtaking a number of regions in Southeast Asia.

Thailand is also the leader in Internet user activity. All local residents are active on the Internet, have a mobile phone or have personal social networks.


The population of the region is over 71KK people, almost half of whom are under the age of 35. More than 85% of the total number actively use the Internet. Almost every Thai has a mobile phone, most often it is a smartphone (over 75%), which he uses to stay in social networks (ratio Android / Apple = 70/30), stream and shop online. There are also many budget Internet clubs in the region, where everyone can afford to rent a computer for a while). From all this, we can conclude that this is an ideal region for working with traffic, since the number of Internet users who spend decent time on the Internet (according to some reports from 9 hours a day) is growing every day. In this GEO, you can conduct inexpensive tests and not worry about high competition. Correctly set up an advertising campaign and get the coveted leads.

Target audience

"The average Thai uses the Internet for shopping not only when he needs to buy something, but also in search of what he might need".


Most often, they use social networks as a tool for active communication and shopping. The audience of the region is quite selective in their choice due to the large assortment on the market, but at the same time they are disposed to quick and expressive purchases. The target can include residents of megacities and small villages. In big cities, of course, there are more chances to get a high conversion, but in the villages, online shopping is also in high demand.


When running ads, it is also worth considering the local time UTC +7. The best time to run ads is after 18:00 local time.


Targeting can be configured for both female and male audiences. However, women are more active in shopping. Women in Thailand are mostly smart, educated and self-sufficient (more than 65% of employees), which allows them to choose goods of absolutely any category. Everyone also knows about the Thai standard of beauty - white and smooth skin. Of course, Thais want to be young, beautiful, have a healthy body, they do not skimp on relevant action products. And of course, let's not forget about men and their desire to be strong, healthy and hardy with the help of adult products, making this niche a top one.

Actual problems of the region

  • Low level of sanitation in certain regions.
  • The agricultural season is the time when the demand for anti-parasitic products and products for muscles and joints rises.
  • Male Thais are not famous for their external attractiveness, which encourages them to purchase adult products.
  • Thais love to eat spicy food, seasoning it with various sauces and spices - problems with digestion and excess weight.
  • You can not mention, criticize or speak negatively about members of the royal family and the political situation in the country.
  • Some houses do not have electricity, so people are forced to eat snacks or in cafes and canteens.


The average salary in the region is from $430 per month. Thais easily make purchases online (mainly from a mobile phone), in social networks they not only communicate, but also monitor goods for purchase (51% of the total number of purchases are made via the Internet). Despite the trend towards online commerce, Thais are still able to pay for goods with cash on delivery.
Thais are honest, they do not like to participate in fraud or refuse the decision made, as they believe in karma. The statistics of the percentage of approvals in the region can be quite high if the webmaster chooses a competent approach.
The most demanded and paid spheres are: tourism, agricultural industry, medicine, production of automobiles and automotive components.
Number of unemployed population: 1.37%


  • TV shows are popular in Thailand, but it's best not to use the famous media personalities of the region. It is safer to use Europeans or Vietnamese.
  • You can test both European and Asian approaches.
  • We do not recommend completely copying sites from local media, it is better to adapt everything for yourself.
  • It is better to use images of local fruits and vegetables.
  • Use the format of a long-awaited recovery after applying the product.
  • Use the doctor's expert opinion format with facts and research references.
  • Everything related to the royal family, religion and government, as well as the national symbol of the country, the Garuda bird, should be categorically excluded from creatives.
  • As we said earlier, in the region, women tend to have white and smooth skin (use images of Japanese women).
  • The “before” and “after” images of the result also show themselves well.
  • Thais love to be better than others and stand out by getting the best for themselves. This can be taken into account when compiling texts in the ad.
  • Nudity should be excluded.
  • It is important for Thais to be successful, beautiful and self-sufficient for others, hence the increased interest in shopping and beauty in both men and women.


English is spoken by a few in Thailand, mostly by the elite or people working in the tourism industry. In creatives and landing pages, you should definitely use only Thai. Since the Thai alphabet ranks second in the world in terms of the number of characters and has its own characteristics in writing. Therefore, it is better to use the services of a professional translator.

Traffic sources

  • Popular: YouTube (over 94%), Facebook (over 92%), Google, Instagram (over 65%), TikTok, Twitter.
  • Online shopping: Amazon, eBay, Agoda, WeLoveShopping, Pantipmarket, Pantip, Lazada, Lwn Shop, Tarad.
  • News sites: sanook.com, thairath.co.th, bangkokbiznews.com, khaosod.co.th
  • Messengers: Line (more than 85%), Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp.
  • Traffic sources in dr.cash: Facebook, Native Ads, Adult sources.

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